Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Wistful Wednesday :1953

March of 1953, I was still an only baby brother was born the next year in March.  From what my parents tell me, I went everywhere with my Dad.  I was his shadow.

I was good at pitching fits to get my way.  I would stomp my feet and scream at the top of my lungs and then hold my breath until I turned purple. That behavior ended the day my Uncle Adolf witnessed a “fit.”  He was a big guy, he jumped up and down on the kitchen floor so hard it made the kitchen windows rattle.


This was taken in the kitchen at the farm. That window looked into the porch, and that door led out into the porch.  The Kitchen had bead-board that was painted white. Now I have bead-board in the bathroom upstairs…if I were to build a house again, I would have a red and white kitchen with white bead-board.  That door may have had a key..but I don’t think so.  Usually a butter knife was stuck sideways in-between the door and the door trim as a lock.  The linoleum floor was a dark green.

I have something that is in this photo.  Nope not the doll, and I may have that dress or perhaps the shoes..I would have to look at some of my early treasures to know for sure. 

The table off to the left.  Tammy and Trevor bought my parents old fishing resort and hauled that table off to the Osage Mall( Dump) and Far Guy and I rescued it.  It is in my garage. It is a little worse for the wear, but it still has the shiny legs and a pearl grey swirled top and an extra leaf for expansion.  In this photo it has an oil cloth most likely red and white on it’s top.

What is plugged in on the left? ..the refrigerator..and on the middle window ledge is a tin of Velvet tobacco and a little ceramic white swan. I cannot for the life of me remember what color the curtains were..I think yellow but they might have been pink.  Why am I sitting in the chair?  I was probably waiting for a snack, or staying clean until it was time to go someplace:)

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  1. I received a sister in 1953 so we share the same era. My sister and I went back to the spot where the first house we remembered stood. It's a parking area now in the middle of a Flint, Mi. It's amazing how much those little brains grasped at the time. I really enjoyed your memories. Thanks for sharing.

  2. I guess you could say you were scared strait by Uncle Adolf. You were so cute.

  3. Golly Gee, I was an only child for almost nine years...then my sis came along. She was like havin' a 'real livin' breathin' doll' to play with.

    I enjoy your pictures and memories so very much.

    God bless ya sweetie and enjoy your day!!! :o)

  4. Tights, frilly dress, bouncy curls...lovely

  5. You were a little cutie. And didn't we ALL try that trick when we were little? Fortunately I think you would have outgrown it eventually anyway. :-)

  6. And here I guessed you were always so well behaved. Speaking of guesses, if the snow is gone and then we get the huge boys basketball tournament blizzard.... who wins?

  7. I was the baby of the family daddy's little girl ya right mum said more like the little terror lol. I have a older sister and brother they are 13 years and 9 years older then me! Loved the photo and post ! Have a great day !

  8. What a sweet picture! Adorable...

  9. What a cute little girl. One of the things I like about you is how the environment and the furnishings and the people around you while you were growing up are so much part of you now. You have a history. A family.

  10. And that's why young moms and dads have relatives come for a visit!

    I would love to find a source for linoleum like that for my screen porch, and be able to afford it when I find it.

    Okay, so I went for a quick look, no swirly paisley dark green linoleum but I did find shuffle board linoleum - okay Dirt has to build me a whole new play house building. Oh I will find some swirly paisley green linoleum, I am determined now but maybe after the eye heals.

  11. That was all it took to stop your fits? him jumping up and down?

    I sure don't remember as clearly details like that from our old kitchen.

  12. You have wonderful recall of so many details. You must have been a very observant child and Uncle Adolf certainly left a big impression. It must have been quite a sight seeing him jump up and down.
    I like your kitchen idea for the red and white colors and the bead-board. I've always wanted to have bead-board in my kitchen, unfortunately I'm not married to a handy dandy craftsman like Far Guy. I have excellent plumbing though! Hubby's an expert when it comes to water lines and toilets.

  13. Such a cute picture and story!

  14. I enjoy your childhood memories so much. I was born in '49, and I really wish I could write of my memories like you. I remember them--but they're nothing I want/like to write about. I've spent a lifetime trying to forget them.

    Keep writing; I'll keep reading. They're wonderful.


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