Thursday, February 3, 2011

Chance: Me and a Chickadee

It is I, Chance the most handsome blogging Border Collie in all of Minnesota.   I love laying in the snow bank, I curl up some afternoons and just watch the comings and goings in my yard.

Chance is on guard

I check out the bird feeders from time to time.  The past few days the birds have been feeding like crazy.

Yesterday one little bird hit the window, even though Far Side has pretty stuff hanging in them..a few birds manage to fly into the windows every year.


Sometimes they are know NRTS code one.  NOT REPAIRABLE THIS STATION.  Sometimes they are just in shock and if Far Guy picks them up and holds them gently they will recover and fly away.


Sometimes they are NRTS code one with their eyes you can never really tell..but this one was breathing..breathing is a good sign.


If you can turn your little head to look at Far Side trying to take a picture of are probably not NRTS code one either.

Oh, it was pathetic looking.  Was it going to croak right there before our six eyes ( me and Far Guy and Far Side).  I suppose Far Side would have bawled..nothing worse than women bawling especially over a bird that can’t tell the difference between the sky and a window.

I did what any good Border Collie would do..I tried to herd the bird and he flew away. He landed in a branch high in a tree.


I handled the Chickadee crisis perfectly..Border Collie style:)


  1. Hip hip hooray for Chance! Some birds are not the brightest. I wonder what the Border Collie of birds is? Chickadees are some of my favorite. Bet's too, she started making a skirt once that is supposed to make her look like a chickadee. I need to organize my new sewing area so she can finish it.

  2. Oh Chance, you are so very multi~talented!!! Not only are you smart, extremely handsome you are the keeper of wounded or stunned Chickadees and fierce protector of Far Side...and her tears!

    Have a great time rompin' and playin' in all your snow. Tiger the Wonder Dog is havin' a blast in all the ice and snow here. He loves it!!!

    Give Far Side a big hello! :o)

  3. Good move Chance. Humans spend way too much time standing around pondering what to do next. Smart to take things into your own paws. - Java

  4. Yay for great border collies! :-)

  5. Nothing like a good Border Collie to keep things in order and manage a crisis. Nice job Chance.

  6. Awww, ohhhhhh.


    Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams

  7. Good for you, Chance. Glad the birdie could still fly and was herdable. ;)

  8. He's a good one is your Chance;)

  9. Yipppyyy Chance !
    Miggy loves laying in the snow and watches all that goes on in the yard as well.
    Loved your photos and post ! Its a sad thing when the silly little birds hit the window and dont make it, we had a huge Hawk hit the window once and did not make it, we buried him in the back and gave him a nice send off ! Have a great day !

  10. You are the best border collie in the world, Chance! Thanks for watching out for that chickadee. They are my favorite birds of all, but if they think they can fly through a window, sometimes they don't make it. All very sad. :-(

  11. You make me laugh! Well done you... and such lovely shots too.

  12. We've had a few birds brain themselves on our window, but not the chickadees. If they are stunned I put them in a safe place and leave them be, and when I go back later they have flown away.

  13. Chance to the rescue. Yes, Chance is the best Border Collie ever. Not just in Minnesota.

  14. Zack and Zanna wanna run around with Chance. They told me so.

  15. I love the photos of Chance in the snow. Nice black and white contrasts! I've enjoyed reading the blogs the last few days as we work through our frozen plumbing problems....going on day FIVE today. :(

  16. We could nickname you "Action Jackson"! You saw a problem and your investigation was enough to solve it. Good going, Chance!

  17. I had a chickadee hit my window yesterday - but he was okay and flew away right after.

    Thank you so much for the beautiful card!! I love real mail and it made me feel so good. All is well - We don't have definitive results for the pathology report - but so far nothing has been found. I'm blogging about it all now. THANKS!!!!!

  18. Chance, you are my hero. We have birds fly into our front windows too. It is sad if they don't fly away :(
    I never thought of trying to herd them! That's why you are my hero, because you are so smart!

    Emma Rose


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