Monday, February 7, 2011

My Readers

One day I got an email from a gal that enjoyed my blog, her name is Patti.  She wrote:


I can’t tell you how much I love reading your blog.  All the pictures and stories remind me so much of my childhood.  My mother was born and raised in Zerkel ( one of the two homes in Zerkel from what I remember ).  We would visit them every other weekend.  I just wanted to say “ Thank You” for your blog.  You really have no idea what it means to me. Pattie


Thanks Pattie!  These photos are for you! We went through Zirkle last is one of those places in the road where if you blink you can miss it.

I also heard from my second cousin Verniel..she wrote in reference to my Four Million People in Ponsford post. “I remember about Sally as well. In those days Nylon was a new fabric.  I heard at that time that her robe was made of Nylon.  This material basically melted on her as it caught fire.  That would be why she could not just remove it.  Now you might check this out with others to make sure I have my story correct.”   I wanted to relate this to my readers.. once Verniel mentioned it..I remembered the story about the nylon too.


My Daughter Jen said “How come I remember this story. My memory of this is in a graveyard... or maybe I am remembering incorrectly...”   I probably told her the story in the local graveyard..graveyards are great places to reminisce about the people that are planted there and their children. Next summer I will have to look for Sally’s grave…I think it is in a different cemetery.   

Last winter I heard from a gal that I grew up with and went to grade school and high school with, she wound up in California.   I used to ride horses with her at Joe’s, before she got her very own horse.  She found my blog, and said that some of the photos made her homesick.

IMG_1980 This was the farm where she grew up. Sadly she died a week ago.  She was out riding her mule and was thrown, she was pronounced dead an hour later.  At least she died doing something that she enjoyed.

On a lighter note I wanted to share a couple of comments that my cooking stirred up :

From Linda: Sounds like what I make......I thought you hated cooking? ;)  

From ladyfi: You - cooking? Lies down in shock... ;-)

And from The beautiful Border Collie Emma Rose:

Hi Far Side! Sorry I am commenting so late but my Duchess had to go to the store and buy all the stuff to try your soup. She has never even tasted a Rutabaga, much less bought and cooked one! She had to ask the produce guy where they were :) Anyway, I just wanted to come by and tell you how much we love you and Far Guy and Chance, just in case she poisons all of us and we croak!
Emma Rose

Ahh..I love all my make me smile:)


  1. You my dear are favored throughout the Blogsphere with your wonderful stories and beautiful pictures to support your stories. Not to mention that fan club that Chance has too!!!

    This was yet another wonderful post to add to the list!

    God bless and enjoy your week sweetie!

    BTW: Hows the thumb doin'??? Inquirin' minds want to know...I'm nosy that way! :o)

  2. :) Yeah, how is that thumb doing?

    And you inspired me -- my lost cousin found a picture of the family you might enjoy.

  3. We want to know how the thumb is too :)
    And just in case your readers want to know, the vegetable beef soup was AWESOME!

    Emma Rose

  4. Ahh those are connections to cherish for sure. And your recipe was highly inspiring!

  5. I am assuming that since I don't hear about your thumb it must be all better by now, but since everybody is asking, I will too! I love your posts, your way of writing always makes me feel like we're having coffee together while looking at your pictures.

  6. ....and you make us all smile;)

  7. Wow, those are great notes from people. It's great that you touch so many lives and they are all wondering how your thumb is doing. I want to avoid being redundant so I won't ask.

  8. Missed reading the post about your thumb, but hope all is better now. Today's post on days and people gone by was interesting...keep em coming!

  9. What wonderful comments you get from your dear readers!

    Love those photos from Zirkle. And so sorry to hear about your friend.

  10. It is not a surprise that your blog sparks memories for some of your area of the globe, but also for all of us with your great photos and your variety in your blog.

  11. Im not surprised that your blog gets such rave it is wonderful. Lovely post and photos ! I love your new header ! Have a great day !

  12. Ah, and we love reading your blog, and hearing about your readers also. Love the comment about the soup, and croaking. Guess all is well.

    Happy Feb.

    Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams

  13. You are adored by your readers. You have an amazing ability to write something interesting everyday. Your posts are always new and unique. Add in your witty, sometimes sassy personality and it's no wonder your blog is a winner with your readers.

  14. Beautiful post, Connie! As give to the world.



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