Saturday, February 19, 2011

Chance : My Drawer

When Far Side designed the kitchen cupboards, she said. “I hate those cabinets that you can not reach the back of..those ones where you have to get on your hands and knees to get anything out of. Lets build drawers.” So Far Guy built lots of drawers.

One day when she was doling out drawers, she decided that one of the seventeen should be I have my very own drawer called guessed it Chances Drawer!

Chance this is my treat drawer

I have “stuff”..besides that duck that lives on top of the fridge.

IMG_0950  I have two coffee cans of dry kibble in here..a special blend of lamb and chicken and rice.  My treats..those are very important and tasty too.  I get a Beggin Strip when I have finished my supper..I wait next to the drawer until they get the dishes all done and the kitchen is cleaned up.

There are other various treats in there, a few rawhide ones..those I take and hide someplace in the house or I sneak them outside and bury them in a snow bank.  Mostly they end up under pillows where no one will find them..or stuffed beside a cushion in the couch.


There are extra balls in there..lots of them.  Soft rubber ones and tennis ones and ones with bells inside.  We wouldn’t want to run out of balls..ever.


The tools that Far Side uses to clean my teeth are in there, and all my brushes. I get extra treats after I get brushed..and I hate the teeth cleaning that usually leads to an ear cleaning too…but I tolerate it because Far Side says she likes my pearly whites, and I have no idea why my ears scoop up dirt.  Did you know that Far Side smells my ears?  Well she does..I had an infection one time..she smelled that ear every day for a long time.  It kind of tickles..

I haven’t figured out how to open my drawer by myself yet..but I have been known to lead total strangers to my drawer so they could get me a treat:) 


  1. Sorry to hear you got more snow after the short thaw.
    Chance you sound like a very happy "dog".

  2. Howdy Chance
    What a wonderful blessing to have a drawer that is all yours :)
    Thank you for sharing all your special treasures with us today .
    Have a fun tail wagging rest of the weekend .
    Until Next Time
    Happy Trails

  3. LOL - you are lovely Chance! So cute that you have your own drawer. Oscar says he has his own pool - our lake!

  4. What a cute post ! Miggy has her own toy box and a cupbord with her food and treats. Miggy is home now all comfy and cozy from her surgery ! Have a great day !

  5. You lucky dog! Every dog should be so lucky to have a drawer of their own. It's even better that it is filled with treats and balls. Riley isn't nearly as lucky as you - his stuff is relegated to a small drawer in an old cabinet. Chance you are one very special dog.

  6. Chance you are so lucky to have your own drawer! My doggies are very jealous!

  7. Chance, now that I know about your drawer, if I ever get to your home I will happily open it with my opposable thumbs, that is if you are willing to share... :-)

  8. You are indeed a special pet that gets kitchen storage. That is considered premium real estate! If you could find a friend who would tie a cloth "pull" on that handle, you would have your access - - but you might get carried away with treats and then you would have none left for tomorrow.

  9. Chance is such a cleaver fellow that he may yet figure out HOW to open his drawer.

  10. Chance you are a lucky dog.......Notshy just has a special pail

  11. Hi Chance - I am very jealous of your special drawer - so many treats and treaasures in there!
    Woof, woof!

  12. What a nice drawer! Chance is so lucky! :)

  13. That drawer thing is a wonderful idea! You are one lucky guy :)

    Emma Rose

  14. The drawers instead of cupboards is an excellent idea. And to give Chance his own drawer is showing how much part of the family he is. I used to have a cupboard just for the youngest child whichever one was youngest at the time.

  15. I have a cabnit that I have to get on my hands and knees and lay on my stomach to get to the back of it! I love the idea of drawers! Chance is lucky to have his own drawer!

  16. Every dog should have a drawer for his things. As far as opening the drawer yourself, you could come visit and the VF&G Ratters could show you a a few tricks, we had to re-install baby proof things just for them, they like the garbage and the chicken bucket is even better.

  17. Well, don't your rate high Chance??? Not every dog even get to think about havin' his very own drawer a little lone filled with extra balls!!! Shhhhh, we just won't tell Tiger the Wonder Dog. What he doesn't know won't hurt him!!!

    I had a cookie drawer at my Granny Walden's was the bomb!

    Have a great day Chance, I heard you've got new snow to play in!


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