Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Clean Snow

The snow was starting to get that all used up dirty old sock look. It had shades of brown and grey, some spots of black dirt were seen momentarily in the nearby fields. I said “Well that won’t last.”  It didn’t.

It snowed most of yesterday and there are still a few flakes floating around yet this morning.
IMG_1362         IMG_1449
My snow stick shows a gain of a little more than an inch of wintery wonder, that has now covered the icy spots that were left after the melt and made them more slippery than snot on a door knob.      
We are way north of where the multiple inches of snow went through over the weekend. We have enough snow..I wonder when this snow bank will be melted away..I wonder when the snow stick will show only grass? I wonder when spring will come?

Would you like to guess? Should I carve something and then give it to the person that guesses closest to the day?

What day will my florescent green Smokey Bear ruler be free of snow and ice when it is placed on the ground next to the snow stick?    Leave me a comment with your guess…only one guess per person..so make it a good one.  A warm rain could wipe out that snow stick in no time at all.. a snowstorm could add to it’s days.
Now what shall I carve..you will just have to wait and see:)   
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Guesses so far :
rockygrace  March 10
Rae  March 10
Gail March 13
LynneFtWorth  March 15
Karen  March 16
Nezzy March 18
DayPhoto Linda March 20
Country Gal March 21
Jan in Alex (Area Voices) March 21
Pamela March 21
Jennifer March 22
Lynda March 23
Linda P March 26
Kathy March 29
Lanny April 01
Ann (Area Voices) April 01
LD Burgus April 02
Connie Peterson April 07
Liz in Pa  April 07
Changes in the Wind April 09
TechnoBabe April 10
ladyfi April 11
dennisranch  April 13
Nancy April 15
Anonymous April 17
laurie April 18
Cathy M April 20
Patty April 21
GramMary ( Area Voices) April 24
I'm Crayon April 27
Patsy May 24
Muffys Marks  June


  1. I've been to your neck of the woods... I'm guessing June at the earliest!!!

  2. March 22nd. And if not then I will come over there with a hair dryer and thaw out a spot, or cover it in snow so no one wins. HA!

  3. I'm guessing April 17th. I live in northern MN too, and it will take a long time to melt all this stuff!

  4. Hmmm ... I'll be an optimist and go with March 10. The sooner, the better.

  5. April 10.
    I would like it to be tomorrow though.

  6. I think it will be March 15th. It's in the 60's here so I will try to send warmth up that way.

  7. Hoping here it will all be gone by March 21st the first full day of spring but I have my doughts as we are still heavely covered in snow and still bitterly cold BAAAHUMBUG! Come on spring ! Have a good day !

  8. My guesstimation is March 10. I am already hearing the warnings about the massive flooding that is expected in the Red River area when all that snow pack melts. I am glad you don't live in that area anymore. I can't imagine the worry those folks have to endure every spring.

  9. I've been watching your weather...sigh! I would love for you to have spring!


  10. April 21, but if it comes sooner i won't care if i win anything!

  11. I have no idea how your weather works so I am picking March 13th.

  12. If you want an intelligent guess, you came to the wrong person but I am going to say April 2nd.

  13. I'm guessing March 23rd but I have no idea why.

  14. My off the wall guess: APRIL 7, 2011

    I know Chance wants warm tootsies again too!

  15. I'll say April 27, but we'll hope I'm wrong for your sake!

  16. I have no idea when snow usually clears from your area, but I'll guess March 16th:)

  17. One year I was in South Dakota in late April and there was snow. So my guess would be April 20.

  18. April 9th sounds like a good day to me:)

  19. I'm pickin' March 18th baby!!!

    Now...be very,very carvin' there with your thumb. We want to keep ya in recovery mode sister!!!

    God bless and have a fantastic day!!! :o)

  20. March 26th but I'm hoping for MUCH sooner.....for both our sakes.

  21. 11 April - my son's birthday!

  22. Its a been one of those La Nina years ya know, so I'm a tinkin' mebe April a first. (That was the best Stan Boreson Lawrence Welk im I could muster, feel free to correct my Midwestern Swedish)

    Anna woke up to over eighteen inches this morning. We're not talking to her today. Jealousy abounds. We only have an inch-ish

  23. winter comes and goes here -- so guessing your probability is way beyond my scope.

    Of course the natural choice would be what it says on calendar.

  24. How about March 20th with a melting rain and then drying wind and then sprigs of green!



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