Saturday, July 2, 2016

Chance: Company!

We had company…even a child!  I love kids…especially kids that can play ball!
Company that plays ball
Little Elvis and Miney are here too!
Happy Dogs
She got really good with the flinger!  It was pure heaven!
Miney Elvis and Josie
Miney and Little Elvis liked her too. 
We had a blast…one time we had a robot blasting balls all over the house!  Big soft balls…easy to chew up…so I chewed up a few.
Then it was time for her to leave…she has her very own dog named Stella.  When Far Side asked her which of her sisters she missed the most…she replied “Stella.”
I wish she could have stayed…forever…I have always wanted a child of my own.


  1. I tell my Grandkids, "you can't come back unless you leave."

  2. Chance, you sure are lucky to have found a kid! And one good with the flinger, too. Looks like she's a keeper. :-)

  3. Chance was in heaven! Only thing better than a kid, would be another dog!

  4. Hi Chance:
    Always so happy to hear from you. I am glad that you had company that was willing to play ball with you. I know what fun that is for you. I have never heard of that "flinger" but it sounds like fun.

    Shirley H.

  5. You broke my heart with happiness, Chance!!


  6. Hiya Chance! Must have been a delightful visit, bet you were the best ball chaser there!

  7. Well Chance, you'll have to take this issue up with Farside.

  8. Yes, we agree Chance! We love kids too and there are none here! I can't wait until we get up North so there are children again. Although, the grands are coming the end of this month so we will have some children of our very own...for a couple weeks....night and day. We may regret it! LOL! Glad you fun on the holiday weekend!
    Fondly, Nitty and Annie and Grace and Miss Peeps

  9. Nothing like a kid with a ball to make a dog happy! I guess you tired her out and she had to go home, Chance.

  10. Chance, Bracken wants you to know he had lots of company over the weekend and there were leftover bits of buns and burgers and people giving him lots of pats.

  11. Awwwww. So sweet. I love when we get to know what animals are saying!

  12. Nothing like a good flinger kid. ;)

  13. Yes, Chance she was a perfect match for you. Barney gets attached to company at the door and then barks and growls as he doesn't ever want them to go. He has a lot of querks like that.

  14. She is cute and a great flinger! Goodness, that's the bestest time!


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