Friday, October 23, 2015

Chance: Visitors

My turn!  Yippee! 

I had some visitors!  Kids my favorite kind of people in the whole world! IMG_1212

Jordan, Aubrey and Gavin with ME!

Jordan and Gavin are twins and they used to lived next door.  I tried to steal Jordan once when he was about three years old, I encouraged him to follow me home…and he did BUT I didn’t get to keep him for long.  Jordan tapped on the window and that got Far Guys attention and he made me take Jordan back home…in fact he followed both of us back to the scene of the crime.

The twins and their sister live far aways now and have two dogs of their own.


Far Side had a photo shoot with them and I got to supervise…in this photo I am off in the woods and have every ones attention! 

After the photos they got out my tennis ball launcher and took turns launching balls just for me.

One of the twins asked “How old is Chance?”  Far Side replied “Almost eleven.”  The twins said at the same time  “Same as us!”



  1. I bet you had to take a long nap after that visit, Chance! Kids are really fun but exhausting as we older folks know.
    I showed your handsome photo to our border collie, Bob (she's a girl), and she said "Woof!"

  2. You are such a resourceful dog, Chance. Glad you didn't get in trouble for stealing that kid. :-)

  3. Chance what a great time you must have had and so funny the story of your mischief!

  4. How wonderful that the children find their way back to your house now that they are grown and have moved away. I think they love you, Chance. ;o)

  5. Cute story of following Chance. Good boy!

  6. Hi Chance! If I knew you were down the road from me as a kid, I would follow you home too.

  7. Chance, it's always nice to get special visitors.

  8. What a wonderful tale, Chance. Glad you had a great time.

  9. It is neat Chance that they stopped to see you. Your special launcher must help kids enjoy throwing the ball for you. They look like such nice kids.

  10. So glad you got to see the kids again! They seem like really nice ones. ;)

  11. I would have been exhausted, Chance! Pooped...and would have slept for hours. Boomer


  12. Aren't they just the cutest! You have lots of great family and friends!


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