Tuesday, October 20, 2015


A long time ago I gave up my office space so that Far Guy could spread out…he was stuck in the back room upstairs.   I no longer needed a large office space. Trains and more trains

I encouraged him to build the shelf storage area on the wall…it is great for display and keeps the dust off some of the train cars.

The Water Tower

This replica of the water tower in Park Rapids is a new addition.   I walked by it one day with an armload of “stuff” and realized it is not fastened down.  I think it is a little tall, but he researched the height and width and made it to scale.  He carved it on the wood lathe.


The engine

Here is the engine coming out the covered bridge,  a few hoboes are resting near the green caboose. The water tank he built many years ago… candle wax made great blue water.

Prisioners and cows

Prisoners and cows occupy one corner of the layout….note the cop car!

Wall cabinet for trains

The wall cabinet should have been larger.

The work station

His work station…I see an ambulance still in its package and another water tower still in a box.


He has lots of “stuff” to dust.


The Drive In Theater had so many cars it finally got its own table.

Far Guy collects Lionel Trains and Cars O Scale,  he received a used train set for Christmas when he was about ten years old…he played “trains” often and finally all that remained was the engine and the tender when he began to collect all of the missing cars that had been blown up or started on fire…you know typical  “boy” stuff. ( FYI he can still recall the hole in the side of the tanker car after it started on fire.)

I think there may be just a few extra train cars under the table…just a hunch.

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  1. Well, that was a lot of fun to see. Some of those cars are turned the wrong way for the drive-in screen, aren't they? :-)

    1. Station Wagons should be parked backwards so that you can lay down in the back and watch the movie.

  2. It is wonderful that he can pursue this and have a great place to enjoy it all the time.

    I want to know if you got his discarded room.

  3. Awesome! The water in the tower is perfect. What a clever way to get the blue! Hobos . . . I didn't know anything about hobos and trains and when I moved to "the cities" I called 912 to report what I thought was a dead body at the foot of a bluff near the RR tracks. I thought someone had gotten hit by a train. The police came, asked me where the body was. They checked and told me it was a hobo taking a nap.

  4. That is a very impressive train collection. Glad he has his own room to display his stuff in.

  5. Can I come over and play some time? Looks like loads of fun. My husband often talks about all the things he and his brothers blew up when they were kids.

  6. It all looks like a great collection. The extras are so neat with the carnival rides being such great creations. It is fun to go back in time while living with the collection. I know it is great fun to be on the look our for new things to collect.

  7. Wow, I think he needs more space:) Glad I don't have to dust all that!

  8. Goodness, what a collection! Wish you could do a little video sometime with the train moving. That would be fun to see.

  9. The outdoor theater is a classic. I like the cars from the heyday of outdoor theaters.

  10. I remember going to the drive-in theater with our parents and then as a teenager and he is right about the station wagon cuz we had one. Fun memories - - playing on the playground before the movie started - - - and the magical almost carnival atmosphere of the concession stand.
    Thanks for sharing "his" fun! That is a lot of years to have the same hobby. Impressive.

  11. What a wonderful hobby. Thanks for showing us around. I really love the water tower replica of the one in your town and the drive-in theater. (I wouldn't want to dust it though ....)

  12. What a great collection. And what wonderful work he does! Thanks for sharing this with us. God bless.

  13. Now that looks like a great collection, and a real interest for Far Guy. Nice of you to give him space for all his trains! Thanks for showing us this.

  14. That is a very impressive layout! I especially like the drive-in theater with John Wayne on the screen. ( At least I think it's him).

  15. That's an amazing collection!

  16. What a great collection! Fun to find, arrange, and interact with.

  17. Amazing! What a layout! And I can imagine the headache it would have been to dust all those details. Yeah, more covered cabinet space, for sure!

  18. My hubby has all the little animals from the farms he had as a kid playing. I'll bet Far Guy would love to add them. Beautiful hobby.

  19. I have yet to get my train set but one of these days probably after I move north. Then I will need advice from Far Guy as to what kind I should get. I love them but I know nothing! Love John Wayne on the big screen and the slanted ceiling in that room.

  20. OMG! He even has the station wagons backed in! This was so fun to see. Thanks, Connie! :)


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