Saturday, October 3, 2015

Photo Session

Recently I took some photos of my niece and her family.   It was a fun afternoon.   Chance went along…he loves the little girls.


He would follow the littlest deep into the woods.


The oldest.

Brooke and Olivia

The two in the middle.

Yes there are four little girls! 

Stacey and Justin

My niece Stacey and her husband.

They are expecting their fifth child in the late winter.  We asked if she was going to have the ultrasound and find out if they are expecting a boy or a girl?  Yes they are having an ultrasound but this time they want to be surprised!  I said “Oh, a surprise girl!”

I got some good photos, the dappled sun/shade in the woods was a challenge…and sometime the littlest would just not smile…with her it was all or nothing!


Proof that a little girl can smile with her mouth, nose and eyes all at the same time.

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  1. The photo of Chance with the littlest is marvelous!

    Such a smile! Will her face freeze with that look? :)

  2. Lovely photos . Kids with dogs are fun . Thanks for sharing , Have a good day !

  3. Adorable! You made me laugh out loud. My brother was the only boy in a family of six, and it seems possible this might happen to them. He turned out all right. :-)

  4. So cute seeing the dog with the little one. Darling family.

  5. They are all cute, but that last photo is Darling!


  6. Love all the photos: the one with Chance is precious. I noticed it in your header a couple of days ago.

    Congratulations to your niece and her husband on thier pending "surprise."

  7. So you had a very good visit and the camera helped.

  8. What an adorable bunch of little girls!! Your niece and her husband are blessed.

  9. What adorable sisters! I'm sure they will dote on the new addition whether it's a boy or a girl. :)

  10. Wonderful photos. The last one makes me happy.....precious! Congrats on the new baby soon to be.

  11. Love those pictures and what a photogenic family! I too love the one with the littlest and Chance off in the woods. Best of luck with the new addition on the way!

  12. What a cute family and I hope they get their boy but can tell any baby will be loved and enjoyed as those 4 girls are! You did great on the photos!


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