Saturday, March 1, 2014

Hello March

March right on in sit right down…but the snow is still here and the temperatures are still sub zero.

We went for a ride yesterday, we knew today would be brutal…with wind chills to –40 or more.

Shell River

Shell River coming out of Shell Lake is flowing.


Back at home the Downy Woodpeckers were busy and this little male didn’t care how close I got to him. He is a pretty handsome guy!

The taxes made it to the accountant before March 1st.  I am always relieved when my part is done.  Now we just await the news…good or bad it is what it is.  I also hate paying an accountant for what should be simple…but I don’t want to get audited for a mistake either.  I have not done the taxes in years, not since the old EZ forms.  There is nothing easy about the Income Tax forms nowadays…just my opinion.

I am busy with many projects.  Of course there are so many I flit from one to the next as I feel like it and none of them get finished…they are all works in progress.

In the month of March:

I hope to work out the kinks in a new Christmas ornament design…and then decide if it is possible to do 65 of them.

Finish the afghan I started as a 2013 Christmas Gift for Jen.

Have the annual snow stick contest on the blog.  The carvings are done.

Work on Far Guy Military Scrapbook…it has been on my desk since New Years.

I should also start some spring cleaning..but spring isn’t even rearing it’s head yet.

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  1. Yes Hello March looks like it will come in like a lion for us and go out like a lamb . Oh well it is what it is . Spring will be soon and the time change is next Sunday and we are having more sunny days so I am good with that . Sounds like you have a few projects on the go there ! Thanks for sharing lovely photos ! Have a good day !

  2. March is coming in like a lion here, too. Winds blowing and possible snow again tonight. But spring IS rearing its head here, I saw crocus in bloom yesterday! :-)

  3. Oh yes March is going to warm up! (I hope) - I have my to do list going too ~ having some trouble with the spring cleaning but would like to get at it before the weather does get nice... Taxes done and on my desk waiting for checks to be mailed (we were the early early bird this year - first time). Have a nice Saturday (I have heard that tonight is suppose to be colder then a warm up)..... lets hope!

  4. In like a Lion, lets hope March will exit as a Lamb :) Happy Saturday, Francine.

  5. Hi Connie. You have quite a list. Thanks for sharing these pictures today. We enjoy watching a lot of blue birds in our yard. Hope you guys have a nice day.

  6. Hi Far Side:
    As for doing the income taxes I recommend the computer software that is available either on a disk you purchase at a store or online. I have used that for quite a few years and it does a great job. It is like being interviewed and is so easy to do and I have found it to be accurate and fast.

    Shirley H.

    1. Hi Shirley, We have too many confusing formulas to do it ourselves. We have had the same accountant for 35 years.

  7. Yesterday was Spring, I just had a t-shirt on (on the top of course, I always feel funny saying I was just wearing a t-shirt:)) while pruning trees. Today we have a snowfall warning:(

  8. March is getting us a little closer to spring! :) You always have so many projects going on. If I would get busy doing, instead of thinking of all that needs to be done, I would accomplish a lot!

  9. My taxes are done. My online credit union banking links me with Turbo Tax, and the process is fairly easy once you work through the many attempts to sell you a more expensive package. I did make an error and had trouble getting back into fix it when my form was rejected, but eventually got it worked out. Glad that's done for anther year.
    We might have a bit of snow thas weekend, as a colder air mass flows through. But the daffodils are beginning to bloom here and leaf buds are swelling. We will have spring in March for sure. I hope you do too.

  10. I would hate it being that cold outside. I love cold weather but not that cold. I love how you always have something to do. I need to get more creative to keep myself busy.

  11. Stay warm, more to come I think. Good luck with your projects they sound like fun actually.

  12. You're going to be very busy girl. that's the way to have things...keep active and interested in stuff. We will warm up. Believe me. Some day we'll send warm air you way.

  13. The snow and below zero crap is headed our way too. Bring on spring.
    That is a fine looking woodpecker you got a shot of.

  14. it is dusty white here -- weatherman predicted 3 to 5 inches .. but we just have a skiff.
    Trying to imagine the winter you have experienced just gives me the shivers.

    (ps. I finally posted on my blog so my home made gif has moved down the track)

  15. I think you have enough projects on tap to keep you busy until spring. Here's to March! May it be warmer and less snowy than the last month was.

  16. It is bitter cold (sub zero) here, too. I haven't done my own taxes in nearly 10 years: it is too easy to screw up and then be audited. I'd like to have someone else explain what was or was not included on my tax forms.

  17. I ;pve that photo of the downy woodpecker. we have many of them here too but since I am trekking down the back hill to refill and feed their suet holders and the bird feeders while Jerry's back heals (hope) I do not think to being camera. Our birds are camera shy; I am limited to not getting photos from inside the cozy warm house because we have the window screens on and it makes a grainy strange pattern on the pics. It's been a brutal wonter here too in what I used to call the babanbelt of MN not so anymore. Tundra Aactic. where even our coulee bluffs have not shielded us.

  18. Its a good sign that the river is running, isn't it? Tell me when the coast is clear, then I'll come home. Good luck with all your projects!!!

  19. Brrrr. But I do love the woodpecker photo!

  20. Brrrr...winter is the most tiring of seasons!

    ♬♬♬ Happy Saint Patrick’s Day ♬♬♬

  21. I'm wondering how lamb-like March will leave us--LOL! Think hopefully, right?
    I have many projects going at the same time and lists going on in my head, too. I should take some time to at least put those spinning lists down on paper. ;)

  22. Beautiful shots! But oh, still so cold...

  23. Yes, Love the photos...I am surprised that the creek is not all frozen over.


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