Saturday, March 8, 2014

Hanging Around

The snow is still hanging around.

Garage Curl Mrch 4

This is the snow curl on my garage.  It is comfy just hanging on.  The snow we have gotten this year so far is a dry snow that doesn’t weigh much.  One of these days the curl will come crashing down.   Sometimes it makes a squeaking noise as it inches down the roof.  Chance hates it when the buildings start to shed snow.  One time when he was a pup he was buried by a snowslide and Far Guy had to rescue him…he has never forgotten.

Grain Bin March 4

Here is the snow hang over on the grain bin.   I have to put that cover/cap on the repair list.  Last time it was out of place Paige set it back to right again. Andy boosted her in the air to the roof where there is a ladder which is now covered up in snow.   That other wooden ladder was for vines to climb the bin.  I should probably take it down as it is rickety.


You still have time to enter your guess for the day you think the snow will be gone from the snow stick.  Guess a date and AM or PM here.  Entries will be accepted until Sunday March 9 at 9PM.

Remember we SPRING ahead tonight…I hope you bought those fresh batteries for your Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detectors…you are worth it! 

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  1. Thanks for the reminder about the batteries, etc. Hope you have a nice Saturday.

  2. Yesterday it was sunny and warm here and the snow was melting and making all kind of sounds as it slips and slides off of things lol ! It is cloudy mild and damp today , Yup springing forward with the clocks and batteries for the life saving devices our carbon monoxide just got a new battery but it is also hooked up to hydro . Thanks for the reminder ! Have a good weekend !

  3. Yes, we get the opportunity to lose an hour of sleep tonight. We only spend four months a year in standard time any more, I wonder why we bother? :-)

  4. Love your snow curl. It does look dangerous though.

  5. we have some snow curls over here too ~ one of these days we will have more snow to move after they coming sliding down :) A little below zero chilly this morning but hopefully the temps coming up are correct ~ looks to be a heat wave!

  6. Thats is a very impressive overhang - I can understand Chance's apprehension - you certainly wouldn't want to be near that lot when it came tumbilng down!
    Our season is changing - cooler nights new yet the warm weather still turning up. 301c / about 87f today and 32c tomorrow. Nice sunny days but they will change soon - rain is forecast for the end of next week.
    Summer time finishes here on April 6 - we will put the clocks back one hour and then settle in for autumn and hopefully not too much cool wet weather - but like the snow stick date, that remains to be seen!
    Take care

  7. I have plus 8 C here today. In about two days you should warm up!

  8. The only people I have heard talk about whether the snow is "dry" have been skiiers. I guess if you spend enough time in it, you come to the point where you talk about the fine details of it. Well, at least for the sake of your roof, glad it is dry and "light" and not that heavy stuff...

    ...she says, as she enjoys her seventy two degree sunny afternoon...


  9. Such pretty pictures of the hanging snow on the grain it.

  10. I'm guessing sometime in May..but that wouldn't be nice now would it.


  11. Those snow curls are amazing! So beautiful. Although I know you must be longing for spring now...

  12. Love the snow overhangs! But poor Chance. No wonder he hates them.

  13. COME ON SPRING!!!!!
    ♬♬♬ Happy Saint Patrick’s Day ♬♬♬


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