Saturday, March 12, 2011


It rained first and then snowed again last the wind is howling like a banshee and the wind chill is brutal.

My baby brother is overseas..his plane was on final approach into Tokyo when the earthquake hit.   His plane did not land..he is now in Korea..or maybe by now he is home safely in Oregon.

I have never been in an parents experienced one when they were visiting my brother..he may have been living in Vancouver, Washington then.  I know my parents didn’t like it and they came home soon after Dad said “When the dishes rattle in the cupboards it is time to go home.” 

It looks to me like Japan is not the place to be this week. So I will shut up about the lousy weather in Minnesota:(


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  1. Yes the earthquake in Japan make me quit whining about the weather and things that aren't life threatening too.

  2. My daughter-in-law flew home after a week in Tokyo on Thursday.

    For which I am eternally grateful.

  3. Thanks for the nice comments on my blog, not to mention your pithy remarks in a private email that I won't repeat for fear of scaring anybody here! :-)

    I too am glad I wasn't anywhere in Japan this week, but I am so sorry for the devastation to all those people...

  4. WoW! I'm so glad yuor baby brother's plane was diverted. Talk about the hand of God!

    We experience quakes here in Missouri, everyone keeps talkin' about the 'big one' especially now that northern Arkansas has had over 800 episodes lately.

    You have a great weekend sweeite!

  5. I've been through a few earthquakes. None as bad as what has been happening the last few months in the world.

    But a lot of things have happened this month that make me very thankful for what I have.

    Hope you all thaw out soon! *Hugs* ♥

  6. That is some alarming news about your brother. Thank goodness he had not landed yet. I can't imagine being caught within all that turmoil. We've had a couple teeny tiny tremors over the years - by no means anything like they have had elsewhere, but a real surprise to be rattled in the middle of farm country.

  7. I know your brother is grateful for the timing.
    There will be so much happening in Japan for awhile now. Hubby and I are so concerned about the nuclear plants there. I grew up in southern CA and lived there with many earthquakes, some that broke more than just dishes. It got to the point that as an adult I slept through them. One earthquake took the building my daughter worked, their bank, and part of their condo and every dish and glass in the kitchen cupboards ended up broken in the living room. I feel so strongly for the people in Japan. This is a time of confusion and such distress.

  8. It is a beautiful day here so hard to believe there is still snow out there!

  9. Like Nezzy said we are sitting on a big one. Missouri, Arkansas and Tennessee we have 1.00-2.00 and 3.00 often but the 4.+ is the one we feel.
    I am happy your brother is good.

  10. Connie, I'm very thankful your brother's plane did not land. What a huge blessing.
    We had one quake in GA in the last 10 years. Only one I've ever experienced.
    John and I decided today that our problems pale compared to the folks in Japan.
    By the way, there is some improvement in Jay. The breathing tube is out but he will have the feeding tube for a while and will need many months of rehab for walking.

  11. You're right, it's hard to complain about our weather when so much worse is happening elsewhere.

  12. Praise God for the timing of your brother's plane so that his was diverted early enough.
    It's okay to complain about the weather in MN. From what you post, I'd be fussing, too - - - - especially when some of us are enjoying a beautiful early spring!
    But seriously, it's a blessing to have a solid house that is intact and not flooded. Plus, we know where our family members are - - right?

  13. Praise God for this mercy and care. GW

  14. glad it was before he landed.
    when the earth shakes -- oh my.
    I've been in quite a few earthquakes, having grown up in the Seattle area.
    And we've had some on this corner of the state, too. The funniest time was when Karmyn and her sister were playing Battleship. One of the girls made a hit and as soon as the sister said "HIT" the place started shaking.

  15. I think your brother would have been OK in Tokyo, but glad he didn't land there anyway.

    When I lived in Fiji, we had an earthquake - it was truly terrifying. A tsunami also came in causing chaos, but not where I was.

  16. It certainly puts our weather complaints etc into perspective when you see those pictures coming out of Japan.
    Here in BC we are also expecting 'the big one' any day now, (within the next few hundred years:)
    But, having experienced a few small ones, I don't want to be in a big one.

  17. How odd that your brother should be about to land when that Japan earthquake happened. Wonderful that he escaped that horrific event. You must have been terribly shocked when you heard from him. Please let us know how he is doing.

  18. Praise God your bro is safe. My husband is a water engineer. His eyes are glued to the computer.

  19. For sure. There is always some place or somebody who is worse off than we are.

  20. So thankful the plane did not land!

    Have a blessed weekend.

  21. My brother reads my blog that appears in my area newspaper..he wrote:
    Still in Incheon, Korea. Will get a flight out at 6:20 this evening to SFO. Arrive Sunday in Eugene @ 3:30 in the afternoon. 11 Hours Seoul to SFO, long flight. Some folks aren’t leaving until the 15th. Flights are a bit messed up in this end of the world right now. Dad was right Korea is cold, or pehaps it is because I brought clothes for Singapore? I have 12 hours till my plane leaves

  22. I can't imagine what the feeling would be like to be over Japan when the earthquake was about to hit. He was very fortunate. I am glad he is ok.

  23. I felt so so very sorry for those folks that had no time really to escape in spite of their country's efforts to be on top of things. So very very sorry. Watching the clips of how fast and far it moved, I couldn't believe when they were first saying that the numbers of dead and lost were only in the hundreds.

    Then we watched a clip of the bozo's on the Oregon Coast. There are no guarantees how much water and how high the waves will be, here they were on the clip themselves talking about how in just minutes the tide had covered what usually takes a half a day. And they continued to stand on the edge of a break wall next to their cars while the water got higher and higher. What bird brains. It put me in a terrible mood. Made me want to run for ultimate dictator again and proclaim that rescue workers are not allowed to save idiots from their folly.

    Made me mad. To know that there were so many people in Japan who just wanted to get away and couldn't. How frightening, how utterly frightening.

  24. I do hope your brother made it home safely. I lived in California for over twenty years and experience quite a few earthquakes. They are not fun but then there are tornados where I live now. Along the coast there are hurricanes. Which would I'd rather have? Well how about none.....but so long as God is with me I fear nothing. I love your comments about life in MN.....I was born there but my parents were military. I finally got to go back two years ago and see where I was born and where my parents grew up. Love to go back again. But not in the snow!


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