Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Long Month of Snow

March has been a long month..well it has 31 days..and we still have a good snow cover. Chance and I went out and took some photos this morning.  Chance has been playing ball in this direction as the driveway is muddy in the afternoons. IMG_1972

I can’t remember that we had this much snow in late March last year.


We didn’t ..last year were were snow free and very brown by March 17th.

My Dad stopped by the other day ..he said “We will have snow until the second week in April now.”  He may be correct.


We still have about eleven inches at the snow stick.  I am sorry Kathy..you are not the winner.  I can safely say that someone that guessed sometime in April will win.

We went to carving yesterday.  The group was happy to see Far Guy.


He did not handle any knives..only files. He was working on a large bark carving that has many windows. And..yes he wears old T Shirts to carving..the bark can stain your clothing. This T Shirt is from back in the greenhouse days..it says Native Vegetable.  Because he was in charge of all the Native Plants and all the Vegetables..so I had shirts made especially for him. The customers used to get a big charge out of it..I am hoping that one of these days the stupid shirts wear out..or become so stained they end up in the rag bag.

No fingers were injured at carving yesterday:)

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  1. I am a new follower and look forward to enjoying your posts!
    By the way, we still have more than enough snow here in Michigan. :-)

  2. That's great that Far Guy is still able to participate, even one handed:)
    I'm with you on the t-shirts...the ones around here seem to go at the neck first. So once the neck ribbing is all shabby and gross...to the rag bag they go. We have more rags than we can probably ever use:(
    From this side of the screen FG's t-shirt looks in good shape still.
    And your snow, well wish I could melt it for you... I blow enough hot air sometimes:)

  3. Woohoo!!! No injuries yesterday. Poor Far Guy tryin' to work the wood with one hand. Yep, maybe it's best to keep him away from the 'sharp' tools for awhile. Lest 'till he get's healed up! Heeehehe!!!

    God bless ya and have a terrific day!!!

    It sure needs to rain your snow away! :o)

  4. Thank goodness for no injured fingers!

    We had snow again today, but I note from my photos that we also had snow at the same time last year... I don't expect it will disappear here until mid-April or later.

  5. Kathy at "Just Stuff from a Boomer"..something is wrong ..I cannot leave you any comments. It must be a technical difficulty..Rae couldn't leave a comment either. Sorry you didn't win the snow stick contest:(

  6. Glad you guys are able to return to class. Far Guy must be very careful around sharp objects.

  7. Nice to see Far Guy out and about again.

    Sorry about the remaining snow - yuk!

    Give Chance a hug from us.

  8. I hate that ya'll have had this weather this year. Don't mess with the t-shirts. I have some pretty scrungy ones myself. Hate to lay them to rest. Glad no digits were affected this time. Have a good day. Wish there was something you could do to get rid of the snow. darnit. I'm feeling it for ya.

  9. I'll put my snow against yours anytime! This is our first day of thawing (Above freezing) since ealy March. When it does warm up it goes quickly as the sun is up and we get long days.

  10. I thought for sure I was the one who posted the snow stick contest for today since it's my husband's birthday today and that was the reason I chose that date. I'm not Kathy at "Just Stuff from a Boomer". Since you think it was her vote I wonder which date I voted for? Oh, well, I was bummmed I didn't win because I love your carved creations. And I'm also bummed that the SNOW is not gone yet! I'm Kathy at kayceebeebee at comcast dot net.

    Love your blog by the way!

  11. Boy that photo was good to see. I was wondering how Far Guy was doing. The HUGE whole arm cast is off. That is probably nice in itself!


  12. Are you ever going to trust Far Guy with a knife again? I bet he will be wearing some sort of glove if you ever let him handle one again.

    I suppose it's not uncommon for you to have snow through April, but it sure makes for an extra long winter. Keeping my fingers crossed - maybe next week you will defrost.

  13. Looks like Far Guy's club is getting smaller...YOU STILL HAVE THAT MUCH SNOW!!!...lucky you!!

  14. We've been having copious amounts of fog.......90 days and they say it'll rain.........I'd take that over snow though. Glad to here the F.G. is still working on something....even without a knife in his hand.

  15. Wow, that snow looks cold, and here we are close to 90 degrees and sunny. Summer is coming too soon for us!

  16. I am sorry Kathy at kayceebeebee at comcast dot net..I guess I got my Kathy's mixed up..sorry you didn't win. I went back at checked out the original post..it said profile unavailable and I just thought it was Kathy at Just a Boomer..sorry for the mix up and I hope you husband has a great Birthday! :)

  17. I never win anything so I didn't post a date for the contest but I wrote it on my calendar as April 16th so my thinking must be the same as your dad's. With the snow cover you had when you began and the snow that seems to keep coming, we are waiting for snow in sw Ohio for tomorrow, I just can't see it being any sooner than mid-April though I hope for your sakes it will not be that long!

  18. Sorry about your long winter, I love my Spring here and everything is so beautiful, all the blossoming trees, hugs my friend, ☺

  19. Praise God your husband feels good enough to get out to his favorite hobby! I have been praying for him - - - that doesn't guarantee successful healing but it can't hurt. . . . but I haven't prayed anything about your snow melting yet. Guess I could add that, couldn't I?

  20. At least he can do something to keep him a little occupied! I have to say that I am so glad to be only seeing a little snow here and there in places, mostly in dense woods and some banks, but mostly gone! I hope you see the snow go soon! Hang in there it will become spring before you know it!


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