Monday, September 14, 2009

Monday Morning Madness

Mondays, they are not my favorite day of the week. If I am unorganized on Monday, it seems to set the tone for the entire week. This morning was just one huge frustration..the &^%$#@ mail. If it were up to me, I wouldn't have a mail box out at the end of the drive, I would only have one at the post office and I would just pick it up once a month. Far Guy and Chance consider it their daily duty to go and get it and plop it on the dining room table or on the steps and leave it there. It does not seem to bother him, there can be three or four days worth of mail all stacked up and he doesn't get the least bit excited. So I am the only one that shreds the junk mail, and puts the bills on the bulletin board and files important papers away.

Make bird house out of all the mailboxes.

I hate the bills that come that I have already paid, the ones where I have to call someone and say "I paid that bill on such and such a date." It wastes paper and postage and time on their part..on my part it is a waste of my time..but since they are idiots and have imbeciles working for them..I will waste my time calling to point out their inadequacies to them every time. I can be a real bitch.

Do you suppose a months worth of mail would fit in these old mailboxes?

Monday morning is usually a time where I corral Far Guy and get his plan for the week, this morning the phone kept ringing and he kept escaping in between phone calls, I practically had to tackle him to have our usual Monday Morning Meeting of great minds. It is important to me that we are both on the same page in the same book for the week. It was a struggle but we finally had our little meeting..success and only half the day is gone:)


  1. I'm with you on the mail thing. We only have a PO box and, on more than one occasion, the Postmaster has put a note in my box to PLEASE PICK UP YOUR MAIL MORE OFTEN. lol. I hate going to the post office, and my husband is like Far Guy - couldn't care less if it stacks up all over the place. Ugh!
    Have a great week!
    The Duchess

  2. I so agree with you about the mail! I am still getting mail for my mother-in-law who passed away two years ago. (She lived with us). I have made upteen phone calls but they just keep sending...last week she got credit card!

  3. This is so funny to me! For the 17 years I have known Nalley, he acts like that the mail holds a million dollar check for him! He won't let me or my brother "TOUCH" the mail until he has gone through it all! However, once he realizes that the check is not there, it just piles up! Like you, I finally have to go through it all and take care of it! On a funny note, we had a wrong # yesterday on our cell phone wishing us "Happy Grandparents" day!!!ha - we skipped right over the parent part!!!

  4. I personally hate dealing with the mail. People keep sending me bills and I keep telling them I don't have any money but they don't believe me and keep sending them anyway.

  5. I have cut down my mail immensely by online bill pay. I receive an ebill and then I pay online. It is so convenient. We still get the random magazine and solicitations, but that has dropped as well. Since my name is off of the mailing list for my billers, I think it is not getting sold to advertising mailers. The little bit that we still get is brought in by my husband. He feels it is his duty to find me and give it to me promptly. It drives me crazy!! It I am in the shower he will bring to the bathroom. Regardless if I am busy with my hands full, he tracks me down to hand it over and then he wonders why I get mad.

  6. We actually have both a PO Box and a home mailbox, and we get very little in either one. I throw out the junk mail before I even bring it in the house, and the same at the PO. We do all our bills and checking on line, so it has sure cut down the mess. Thanks for reminding me about paying one of my bills on line which I had forgotten until I read this post! Just got 'er done.

  7. I am with you on this. I hate the mail and the mail lady. We used to fight for years over where Stef parked her car. She would put a note on our mail saying that the box was blocked so she couldn't deliver the mail. Sometimes she would just assume that the snow would be in the way and she wouldn't deliver the mail. What happened to the sleet and dark of night stuff? All it is is bills and junk anyway. Who needs it?

  8. just another manic monday as they say ... mail used to stress me out big time when i lived on the 'left coast'... less so now.. tho since we get less

    happy week

  9. I can relate to everything you've written!! I'm the only one that deals with the mail around here. The man will go through it and look at what he wants but then throws it back in the heap for me to deal with. The postal lady has been known to call and tell us she can't get another this paper in the box too:)

  10. We have a note asking the postperson not to put junk mail in our box. It works!

    I love the mail birdhouse box and those old boxes too - they look like safes!

  11. That is just a neat idea. Love the old mail boxes! I hate Monday's also, I have got a job that I can take Monday's off when things aren't to hectic and that does make the rest of my week go fairly well!

  12. I thought of getting one of those space saving dining room tables that the top hinges. You can swing it vertical to get more room when you aren't using it. Then there wouldn't be any place to pile the mail. BTW-I'm the one who piles it.

  13. Life in a condo, it is so different.

    When that poor mail person stumbles through the front door, he is greeted by at least 2 canes, one walker, and a scooter. All occupied with owners waiting for their daily fix of junk mail.

    Gar and I know not to get in the way of anyone waiting for their mail, it is too dangerous.


  14. Because occasionally I wallow in words of wit or alliteration I do think it clever to call current collective collaborations, Monday Morning Meetings of Magnificent Minds.

    What I don't get at my house is the left over litter of the letter lifter and leaflet collector after he has gone through and delt with said postageness. I'm never certain if the pile on the floor is the trash, or if it is the pile in the chair or even the one that is left on the table for four days.

    He has been trying to be better at dispensing with all traces lately and he has been stashing said trash in the wood stove, and as we have had such lovely summer weather none of it has gone up in flames. Of course this made it possible for him to pull it all out yesterday, along with plenty of ash, and find some information on one of the pieces.

    And he wonders why then I am so reluctant to toss his various piles.


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