Thursday, March 9, 2017

Snirt Storm and Project Updates

First it snowed and that was okay… nice big snowflakes.
Snow March 7
BUT then the wind came up, it just howled through the yard.  Chance had to be coaxed to go out.
It was awful. The wind blew for two days…40 to 60 MPH gusts. My happy little sunflower yard decoration flew off and is probably in the lake by now.  The squirrel guard blew off the feeders, a small piss popple came down in the driveway.   I was sure we were going to lose power but we didn’t.

All of the dirt on the fields in North Dakota and Western Minnesota ended up mixed in with the snow = Snirt.  Everything is just filthy outside.  I am hoping for a rain to help clean things up.  It blew so hard that the window screens caught the snirt.  The dirt hangs there like cobwebs.
Dirty snow
It is not exactly a winter wonderland.
2 inches of snow
There is still ice and two inches of snow at the snowstick.  We are headed back below zero again. 

Ongoing projects: 

I am working on Mikey’s blanket. (Our great grandson who will be born in May…his middle name will be Michael…so I am going to call him Mikey…just like in the Hey Mikey Life Cereal Commercials.)

Taxes!!  Information was compiled and the paperwork is at the accountants.  I am always happy to have my part completed.

A special woodcarving project is in the works…it is going slower than I anticipated.
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Anonymous said...

So sorry about the miserable weather! How fun to be working on Mikey's blanket. We are happy to have our meeting with the accountant over with too. Look forward to your woodcarving project. Take care.

linda m said...

Sorry to hear about your bad winds. We have had the same here. My yard is a mess. We didn't get any snow yet, some expected today. Our meeting with the accountant is also over with and taxes filed. Can't wait to see what your next carving project looks like.

Cynthia said...

Snirt! I had to explain to Paul as he had no idea what snirt was. We have had wind and dry conditions, too, but here the air is full of sand. It hurts when it hits bare legs.
Taxes ... eek. I better get busy there, too. I have to find out how I am affected by the house I sold in last year.

marlu said...

I just checked my blog and saw your message from February ? after the pop bottle entry! We are still plugging along. It's been the warmest February here for EVER and now fires all over - some north of our town. Eight homes lost and you have probably seen the news. Anxious to see your blanket for "Mikey." We have a Mikey too but now he's going to be 58 years old in April! I think I haven't felt like blogging because I watch too much political news and feel for the first time in my life a little depressed.

Mac n' Janet said...

My husband is working on taxes now. I do day-to-day finances and he does the rest, thank God.

Rita said...

Don't projects always take more time than anticipated? ;)
Good to be done with taxes! Just had rain. Could have snow again this weekend. Expected 8 below during the night. Back and forth. Chance must be confused. I am.

Lady Fi said...

Sounds a bit like our weather too!

Red said...

We missed that one but we have very cold minus 20 C and some snow. we didn't get the wind.

Linda Reeder said...

Snirt doesn't sound pleasant. We have some rain we can send you. Please?

Granny Marigold said...

That must have been quite the storm you had. Good thing was that your power didn't go out. I wish I could send you some of the heavy rain that we're currently having. I hasten to add I am so glad it's not coming down as snow! Heaven knows how many inches it would end up being.

Jacqi Stevens said...

What a mess! Funny how you are headed down below zero, and we had our first day above seventy. We are definitely opposites in the weather department! Hope you get some sort of precipitation to clear the air. Not too fun breathing all that junk, either!

Sam I Am...... said...

Whenever I hear the name "Mikey" I always think of that Life cereal commercial too! LOL! It's a cute name and I bet you can't wait! So glad you didn't lose power. It was 77 yesterday, storms last night, much colder today and snow tomorrow! We haven't had snow all Winter and now? So glad I didn't jump the gun and plant anything outside. They're still residing in the house here with me. glad you mentioned it....I do my own now but it's only my second year and I'm so afraid I'll forget! I need to make a big sign on the frig! I hope to get some "project" work done this weekend. Good luck with yours!

L. D. said...

Our taxes have been completed. We paid a very large fair share this year so Uncle Sam is not broke. It took two people to check them all out so that no mistakes were made. I bet we get audited anyway just because..... Thursday was the first full day of having our furnace working again. We were cold inside for three full days.