Thursday, March 23, 2017

The Grands: Savannah and Maddie

We had lunch with Savannah and Maddie yesterday…funny thing too…we all looked at the menu and ordered the same thing with varying degrees of carmelized onions.  Patty melts all around.   It was mid afternoon so it was a late lunch/ early supper for us.

Savannah bought a “new to her car” a Chevy Malibu.   She saved up for a long time to buy a car outright.  She has three jobs so reliable transportation is a must for her.

Vannahs new car

She likes red cars too, her last one was red also.

Chance was with us and he was so excited to see his girls.

Chance getting a scratch


Maddie has about nine weeks to go before our Great Grandson who I will call Mikey is born.  Today she is 31 weeks into the pregnancy.  She feels pretty good but hates getting stretch marks. 

Maddie march 22

We had a good visit. 

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  1. Sounds like a delightful visit together. Chance looks happy. Can't wait for the baby to arrive!

  2. You really do have a bunch of grandchildren to be proud of. Going to lunch with those two granddaughters must have been fun. Wonder who Savannah got her love of red cars from? :) I will be keeping up with your series on the flood. Wow!

  3. Connie, We are waiting the birth of our first grandchild, a boy, in early May too! We are so excited. My knitting needles have been busy. A baby.....😀.

  4. Glad you two got to see your granddaughters. Our grandchildren get so busy,just like Savannah with her three jobs, that we don't see them often. Sounds like all is going well with Maddie's pregnancy.

  5. Looks like a wonderful visit! For Chance, too. ;)

  6. So happy you had a nice lunch with your granddaughters.

  7. I love that picture of Chance with love filling his eyes. Soon Mikey will be born and we'll get to see pictures of him. What a wonderful time right now. :-)

  8. Tell Maddie they're not stretch marks. They're the lines of a tigress! What a fun lunch with the grandgirls. How's Mikey's blanket coming along? A great-grandchild...just think of it! Wow!

  9. Lunch with grand kids is a good day.

  10. So fun to have lunch with 'the girls'! They are so cute and who doesn't love a good patti melt! I miss them too! You can just see the love in Chance's eyes when he looks at them.....what a great picture!

  11. What a nice way to spend the afternoon!


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