Friday, March 31, 2017

Spring Sky

There are many Trumpeter Swans gathering for a rest after their long flight North.

We were visiting at Shell Lake one night.

The hill overlooking Shell Lake 

This is a hill from my childhood, possibly before I was afraid of heights or maybe the reason why I am afraid of heights.   The road used to be narrow and gravel.   The sand on the hill soft and slidey… you could slide down on your butt and then run along the road and duck back in at the edge of the woods and go back up to the house again and slide back down until you were tired or an adult hollered that you better stay away from the road.  Your socks and shoes would be all full of sand, if the sand was damp, your butt would be all wet and dirty.

No more sliding down hills for me.

Swans over Shell lake

It was a great spot to watch the Trumpeter Swans fly over the lake. 

Trumpeter Swans at sunset

The sunset was calm and soothing after a fairly busy day.

I recall seeing many sunsets from this place on the lake.  It brought back many memories.

Fresh baked flat bread with butter and jelly, card games played at the kitchen table, knitting projects to oh and aww over as my Aunt was a marvelous knitter.  The marble topped coffee and end tables that were in the living room, the old tire swing that hung from a large limb in the yard.  Walking the ridges with my Uncle, hunting and learning how to mark your trail in the woods so you would never get lost.

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linda m said...

We rarely get Trumpeter Swans in my area. We saw some last Fall when we visited a cranberry bog in middle Wisconsin. They are such graceful birds. Have a great weekend.

thecrazysheeplady said...

Any knitting pictures in your stash? Nice memories :-).

DJan said...

Nice memories. I am glad you are done sliding around like that, but the memories of walking the ridges with your uncle are still wonderful to share with others, like me. I wish I had someone who taught me how to mark my trail! :-)

Sam I Am...... said...

Great memories and what gorgeous pictures of the swans and sunset. I love hearing about your childhood as we grew up about the same time....and to think we didn't even realize we each existed until 60 some years later! LOL!

Linda Reeder said...

Looks like a lovely ending to your day, filled with wonderful memories.

Tired Teacher said...

Beautiful photos.

A freshly plowed field brings back many of my childhood memories.

Rita said...

So you know how to never get lost in the woods. I am soooo impressed! :)

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful post. Fun to read that you've had such good memories. I can relate to the butt sliding, only we probably did it where we shouldn't have. Love the photos of swans over the lake. How soothing! Catching up on reading blogs. I had a bad couple days since my cast came off. Happy Friday

Terry and Linda said...

I have never seen a Trumpeter Swan here...what a joy that would be!

Red said...

Great skies. we've had trumpeter swans through here already.

Lady Fi said...

Wonderful shots.

Shirley said...

Beautiful photos and precious memories.