Sunday, March 19, 2017

The St Urho’s Parade

I made a date with Far Guy and Chance to go watch the parade in Menahga.

St Urho days

It was a partly cloudy day with a bit of a north wind.  It was cool but not freezing.

Escorting the grasshoppers out of town

This gal has sisu which means bravery or hardiness.  She is escorting the grasshoppers out of town.

Sled dogs

There were sled dogs…pulling four wheeled carts instead of sleds.

men in underwear

Men in underwear…perhaps my favorite part of the parade.


Grasshoppers lives matter and a wall

signs some said “Grasshoppers lives matter.”  “I’m going to build a wall and make the grasshoppers pay for it.”

I liked this one the best!

No Finn left behind



There were lots of kids!  They were throwing candy and beads.   The T Shirts say Sisu perhe or bravery/hardiness family.

Royalty was there.


The St Urho’s Royalty along with Miss Minnesota.

Miss Minnesota

It was a nice parade.  We all enjoyed it.  Chance did not bark at the dogs but he did bark at the horses.


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  1. Looks like a nice day for a parade and Chance, I don't blame you for barking at the horses! Theo would have done the same! I like Miss Minnesota's "wave!"

  2. Wild and crazy as a St Paddy's Day parade in Boston! (Well, maybe not quite. 🙃).

  3. What a fun family time, with everyone's spirits raised by St. Urho! With royalty, too! :-)

  4. I love that parade! What a great sense of humor those Finn's have! Did they dye the purple long underwear? I've never seen purple's a good color on everyone. I had no idea there was royalty too....what a fun time in MN! Love your state! I sort of think of my 'quadrant' as IL, WI, MN and!

  5. This is great! I have been to the Menagha area for a wedding. Happy St Urho's day!

  6. The team pulling the royalty trailer is handsome.

    I always enjoy seeing your photos from St. Urho Day.

  7. You Minnesotans are a wacky bunch. I learned recently that you made up the whole St Urho's Day! Good for you. I love it!

  8. Men in underwear…perhaps my favorite part of the parade YOU MADE ME LOL!!!

  9. Oh fun! I was wondering if you went to the parade. Glad to read that you did. beautiful horses!

  10. The background for St. Urho is rather interesting.

  11. A sweet sense of humor—being able to chuckle at yourself is highly commendable!

  12. Great idea to have a Pied Piper leading the grasshoppers out of town!

  13. What a fun parade! Thanks for sharing your photos.

  14. I always enjoy looking at your St. Urho's Day Parade photos. So fun!


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