Saturday, March 25, 2017

The Mud Season

The rain made mud.  Mud should have it’s own season.  The only time we have mud is in the Spring…I hope it is a short season.

The front driveway is a mess.  Brown brown everything is brown.

muddy drive March 24

Chance and I walked on the back road…no mud there.

the back road

That is a resting bench in the middle of the road, if someone wants to drive this way they have to get out and move the bench.

See that dark area off to the left?  Three guesses what it is???

old pickup box

I used to plant tall flowers in the old Dodge…Marigolds and Cleome…maybe I should throw some wild flowers seeds inside.  I have some seed around here someplace…hopefully I didn’t put them away so good that I won’t be able to find them.

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  1. We sure have lots of (red) mud here! Yes, you should throw some seeds in the old Dodge! A few weeks ago we bought seeds and yes, put them up so well, we can't find them! lol
    Hi to Chance!

  2. I"d love to see wildflowers coming out of that old truck bed one day this summer... great idea. Mud is just a way of life around here. And mud puddles. :-)

  3. We're melted off and brown here too...a little mud but it's starting to dry nicely until the next "weather" rolls through. The horse AND Miss Mia are dropping hair everywhere and that's a sure sign of spring.

  4. I'm okay with mud having it's own season. it's just another reason to eat cake!! I love the idea of planting flowers in the old Dodge. Makes me wonder if I would pull that off with my red Chevro-Sleigh while I can still drive it...a sort of mobile garden. I love the resting bench in the middle of the road. Chance looks like he's enjoying the back road, too.

  5. My mom enjoyed planting flowers in unexpected places.

  6. Yup. Sloppy Spring.
    Love the idea of throwing some wildflower seeds in there! :)

  7. We don't have much mud here. It has been so dry. It rained a good bit yesterday and all was immediately soaked into the ground!

  8. Our driveway had a short mud season when the frost was coming out of the ground and the snow was gone. We are used to lots of wet and puddles, but mud isn't tooooo much of an issue unless something, animals, vehicles or people do a lot of tromping around in one spot. The old truck bed would look lovely full of wild flowers, but here it would just be another thing to weed, as the weeds would drown out the flowers.

  9. I think if you are from the North you do not like Spring because of the mud. I like Spring down here because there's little mud and the temps are so much nicer with no humidity like summer here which I think is awful! LOL! Looks like you could use a good load of gravel in that driveway!

  10. Well, us city slickers don't do mud. However, I would still like to live in the country.

  11. Thopwing around some wild flower seeds sounds like a fine idea. You might have to do a bit of watering if it's a dry summer though.

  12. I am soooooooooooo not a fan of mud season! :(


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