Thursday, March 30, 2017

Warm weather!

The weather is delightful for March!  It has been near 50 F or 10 C eh!


Wintery mess

March 20 the bird feeding/solar light area.  What a mess. The black is mostly from that snirt storm.

This week we spiffed up part of the yard, cleaning up after the birds and their empty sunflower seed hulls.  I checked all of my solar lights and added a few.  Now there are twelve and three are still faulty, maybe they need a cleaning.

After: Nine days later


I saved that red white and blue whirly gig, last summer it blew off the holder and someone might have been me, mowed the holder to smitherines.

Last winter the wind from North Dakota and Montana took out my cheery yellow sunflower twirly whirly gig…I found it back in the woods one day and put it back up…Far Guy said “That sunflower looks pathetic.”   It did…it was not as cheery as it once was.  It kept falling off the holder when it was windy. Sadly I gathered it together to take to the garbage and then had an idea.

The old holder was still in the ground and the flower head part… well I might be able to use it with some modifications…I ripped off the silky petals…decided to make it work with my red white and blue twirly whirly gig…cause I hate to throw anything out!


I glued some beads on the flower head part so it would be kinda matchy matchy.

This time I glued the round flower head part right on the holder…we will see if it holds.

We lugged out the patio table and two chairs…Far Guy likes to woodcarve outside. I just like to sit out there and feel the sun on my head and watch for birds.

It may snow again, in fact I would bet on it…I carried my pretty red snow shovel away from the front door.

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  1. It's looking cheerier in your yard with some whirligig color! Nice you can enjoy those 50 degree temps outdoors.

  2. I love your whirligig - it is so cheery. Our weather is nothing but rain. We have a pond behind our garage that won't go away.Walking on the grass is like walking on a sponge. I couldn't do yard work even if I wanted to. I haven't put my shovels away yet hoping that if they stay outside it won't snow.

  3. Very nice looking lawn art. And I live in the Pacific Northwest with Linda, and it's just been rain without end this winter and spring so far. Today we might see the sun. :-)

  4. Snowing here...big wet flakes but it won't stay long.

  5. Feeling springlike for sure. here too and now hoping for some rain!

  6. Yup, the winds can sure do a number on whirligigs. We had a couple but the winds took them out. WE get pretty good winds here to. I love what you did with your whirligig.

  7. I love before and after pictures...yours looks great! Yes, our generation raised by those who went through the Great Depression have a hard time throwing things out and now they call us 'hoarders'! You did a great repair and repurposing job on the whirlygig! Enjoy the sunshine....if anyone deserves it you guys do! It gets sunny and warm here which causes 'instability in the atmosphere' and then we get storms and today it is cool and cloudy. It's not the time change that makes me tired it's all the storms in the Spring and they always wake me up in the middle of the night...we never get them during the day but at least I'm still here this morning and the house too! LOL!

  8. Glad you are getting some warm weather!

  9. Spring Fever has hit your house! Snow predicted here this weekend.

  10. Good job re purposing the yard art! A little colour is always welcome at this time of year.
    Love the header collage.

  11. You've been busy! I am not sure if I should bring my patio shovel to the garage because sure as sh#t it will snow then--LOL!

  12. I like to just sit in the sun and let it soak into me also!

  13. Surprising how much time we spend reusing junk.

  14. I see DJan mentioned me. It is NOT raining this Friday morning. We are tired from our adventures, and we have a soccer match this evening, but I MIGHT get my primroses planted on my front porch today! maybe. Certainly tomorrow.
    A bit of color and light helps to cheer things up until the greening comes to your neck of the woods.

  15. I think you make your spot up north so cozy-looking and comfortable with fun ideas for all seasons indoors and out. Home should be that way, right?

    1. Yes it should be! Plus I had to throw anything away that might be repurposed or used up :)

  16. I hope you get some nice days and real flowers soon. Winter drags on way too long in Minnesota!


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