Thursday, November 3, 2016

Voting History

This will be the 12th Presidential Election that I will cast my vote in.

Back in 1972 I was 21 and could finally vote…I think in 1971 there was a new law that allowed 18 year olds to vote…I recall something about “Your old enough to kill but not for votin’.” Richard Nixon (R) vs George McGovern (D) I voted for McGovern but Nixon won.

1976  Gerald Ford (R) vs Jimmy Carter (D) Walter Mondale from the great State of Minnesota was Jimmy Carter’s Vice President Candidate.  I voted for Jimmy and he won.

1980  Ronald Reagan/George Bush (R) vs Jimmy Carter/Walter Mondale (D).  I voted for Jimmy and he lost to Reagan. 

1984 Ronald Reagan/George Bush (R) vs Walter Mondale and Geraldine Ferraro (D).  Of course I voted for Walter and Geraldine…she was a heck of a lady! Alas Reagan won again.

1988 George HW Bush/Dan Quayle (R) vs Michael Dukakis/Lloyd Bentsen (D) I voted for Dukakis and he lost to Bush.

1992 George HW Bush (R) vs Bill Clinton (D) vs H.Ross Perot (I). I voted for Perot and Clinton won.

1996 Robert Dole (R) vs Bill Clinton (D) vs H Ross Perot vs Ralph Nader. I voted for Perot and Clinton won.

2000 George W Bush (R) vs Al Gore (D) I voted for GW and he won.

2004 George W Bush (R) vs John Kerry (D) I voted for GW and he won.

2008 John McCain/Sarah Palin (R) vs Obama (D) I voted for John and Sarah and Obama won.

2012 Mitt Romney (R) vs Obama (D) I voted for Romney and Obama won.

2016 Donald Trump (R) vs Hillary Clinton (D)

Next week I will cast my vote and that vote is based on several issues.  First and foremost Veterans and Soldiers now serving getting the back up they need and deserve.  The economy, the Second Amendment, health care rates in Minnesota have gone up to high to be affordable so that needs to change, we need to secure our borders and deport anyone who is not here legally.

Being the wife of a Serviceman who had a Top Secret Security Clearance,  I know that anyone who shares classified documents should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

I used to say “I am an independent and I will vote for who I believe will serve our country the best with honesty and integrity.”  This year that seems to be an impossibility with either candidate.  So I looked at the Party Platform.  I guess I must be a conservative. 

One thing I think that is really really scary…who ever wins could change the course of our Supreme Court for many years to come. 

I look forward to the end of the mudslinging and I hope who ever wins that we can all come together as Americans.

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  1. Your points are basically the same as mine but with jobs in there as well. I keep praying for this Country that we will get the "right" person elected.

  2. I voted for Hillary. If she wins, I will be at her inauguration to celebrate the first woman president. :-)

  3. Seriously - - - voting for the points. I agree that Hillary should be in prison. Others have gone there for less. Just because she is a woman doesn't entitle her to that office so she can be the "first". And her supporters don't seem to care that she has broken the law - - - - and if you go back through the Clinton History - - that those who tried to get the truth out - - - mysteriously disappeared. Regarding insurance - - - not even going there because it will raise my BP - - but someone put on FaceBook the other day that "Joe Blow" was not able to afford insurance before Obama & Obama promised affordable insurance. Now "Joe Blow" still can't afford insurance and has to pay a penalty on top of that!!! And the penalty increases each year. And of course there is much much more that can be discussed but like you, I am hoping people will actually put the country first after next Tuesday but you know it won't happen especially with our biased news media. I am thankful my faith is in our Lord Jesus and not in Washington. I try not to worry about what kind of world our grandchildren will inherit.

  4. An interesting post. I will be ecstatic when this election is over! Sadly, I know the next election cycle will start on Wednesday. The campaign should be limited to one year - just my opinion.

    1. I totally agree. Campaigning goes on much too long - - which is also spurred on by the media. My husband loves watching it all the time but not me. We are often in two different rooms!

  5. I hope so also, Connie! It's a true concern.


  6. Your last wish is what really needs to come true.

  7. As an outsider I can at least echo that last sentence!

  8. A very interesting post. I started voting for President the same year as you. I didn't vote the same however. I don't think we voted the same very many times. I used to be a registered Republican but changed after George H.W. Bush was President. I became a registered Democrat then. But I don't vote for the party. I vote for the person. I think that Hilary has had far more scrutiny into her past than any other president we have ever voted for. And they haven't found any reason the prosecute her. I am not going to say that might not change. It might! But, my good conscience will NOT allow me to vote for a man who has been so nasty towards women. ALL women. And one who cannot control himself enough to stay off of Twitter when Rosie or Cher annoy him. Horribly non-presidential in my opinion. But the once thing that changed my mind most about him was the day he mocked the handicapped reporter. I just can't vote for him no matter what he might do for this country. I am praying for the next four years. And God Bless America!

  9. Your political philosophy seems to have changed over the years. That happens.
    I have already voted for Hillary Clinton. I do not believe she is a criminal or a pathological liar or whatever ....all that stuff that has been said about her with not facts to back it up.
    I will join a legion of women in this country who will make history on November 8th, 2016. Wouldn't you like to celebrate with us?

  10. Well Frick, that's two long comments I have lost while trying to post from my phone. We across the border have been amazed at the sh#t show, and everyone I know hopes that a certain 'apprentice' candidate does not win.

  11. I don't know you, not even sure how I came to read you, but I love your blog. But it's interesting to me that your politics changed the same time that mine did. I read newspapers (and Hillary's leaked emails) and know that she is, indeed, a criminal. I know that she supports a man (her husband) who denied due process to a woman with his lies about sex with a cigar and an intern. I know she has scrutinized Trump far more than she has ever been scrutinized, and had to make stuff up like the rape of a 13-year-old. They're both silly and unfit to be president. And I think voting for president based on race or sex or religion (Mormon anyone?) is as stupid as voting for R or D. And while I will never celebrate the first woman president, if she wins, I will support her for as long as I can. Pam.


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