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Midway Memories: Arbuckle

Have you ever met a guy that was a chick magnet?  I did, however I couldn’t quite understand it,  he was engaged and married to many women.  He seemed to marry one after another, I wondered sometimes if he bothered to divorce any of them.

He was the Foreman on the Merry Go Round.  Sometimes called a Jinny/Jenny but we never called it that.  When Paul came out he was Arbuckles second man.   Arbuckle needed all the help he could get as he had a drinking problem.  I am not quite sure why the boss kept him around.
Arbuckle and Paul about 1967
Bobby Arbuckle and Paul, Paul is stretching no doubt he just woke up, he has an ever present Billboard in his back pocket.
This photo was probably taken about 1967.
B Arbuckle
Bean pole skinny ladies man.
One of his “wives” in Southern Minnesota got mad at him and stabbed him.  The ambulance was called, she refused to get him from the hospital, so he hitchhiked to another of his former “wives” about 30 miles away.  She gave him a ride part way to meet up with the show, he didn’t have enough money for a motel room but he had enough to get drunk and knew he would get put in jail. ( This town had a real decent jail with good food.) Sure enough he got drunk and ended up in jail until the show made it into town and the boss bailed him out.

I met many of his “wives” and a few of his fiancees…he would bring them around to show off the ring he just bought for them…we used to say they were five and dime rings but it didn’t make a difference to the girls.  I just shook my head. The one “wife” I got to know seemed pretty normal to me…her name might have been Elaine..she was blonde and very pretty.

He used to let our oldest daughter ride the Merry Go Round all afternoon.  She and Bobby were good friends.
Here is Bobby helping get our granddaughter Savannah on a horse in Barnesville Minnesota in 1997.

In later years Bobby would be known as “Rodeo Bob” I am not sure how he got that name.  When he died they put one of the horses backwards on the Merry Go Round. We used to have a photo of it…but it was on Far Guy’s computer that crashed and was lost.
Bob Arbuckle Headstone (2)
In Memory of Rodeo Bob
Robert Romaine Arbuckle
Oct 1 1933
May 22 2001
From the people of Merriam’s Midway Shows
Bobby died of some kind of cancer he was 67 years old.
If there was an obit, I wonder how many wives were listed?
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  1. Interesting story I guess there are all kinds out there lol ! I stayed away from the so called chick magnets they were trouble and not as smart or interesting as they think or thought they were lol ! Thanks for sharing , Have a good day !

  2. You have known some of the most amazing characters. I really enjoy imagining these people, and you draw them with your words quite well. Thanks for introducing me to Rodeo Bob. :-)

  3. Ha, what a character. The carrousel horse is a very pretty one.

  4. Though I wouldn't know a "chick magnet" if I saw one I bet he had a fun time...

  5. Robert Arbuckle
    Gender: Male
    Marriage Age: 44
    Birth Year: abt 1934
    Marriage Date: 28 Sep 1978
    Marriage Place: Davison
    Spouse: Elizabeth Knappe

    Robert R Arbuckle
    Gender: Male
    Estimated birth year: abt 1934
    Age: 60
    Spouse Name: Elizabeth A Arbuckle
    Gender: Female
    Estimated birth year: abt 1958
    Age: 36
    Divorce Date: 27 Sep 1994
    Divorce County: Martin

    1. Both of these marriages took place in South Dakota:

      Robert Arbuckle
      Gender: Male
      Marriage Age: 41
      Birth Year: abt 1934
      Marriage Date: 8 Jul 1975
      Marriage Place: Roberts
      Spouse: Judith Novak

      Robert Arbuckle
      Gender: Male
      Marriage Age: 25
      Birth Year: abt 1933
      Residence Place: Chicago, Cook, Illinois, USA
      Marriage Date: 26 Dec 1958
      Marriage Place: Davison
      Spouse: Gloria Morgan

  6. It just takes some men longer to find their warm place.

  7. You really have to wonder about the mental health or personality disorders these guys have to carry on with so many relationships. I see when he was 60 he married a 36 year old!

  8. I love that hay bale turkey in the banner!!

  9. Quite the character alright. He was looking pretty rough for 63 in that picture with Savannah.

  10. What is it with these slim men! Seriously, my first husband was handsome as could be, but your description of bean pole skinny ladies man describes him perfectly. The women loved him and he loved them. I had to look close to make sure it wasn't him. :) I enjoy your midway stories.

  11. Seems like carnivals attract characters!!! Never a dull moment.

  12. I guess he had problems with serious commitment. It was long life for a guy who lived a risky life.

  13. That's quite a story. My DH once had a guy who was in for bigamy work for him when he was out on day parole. He was a really nice guy too. Just a little careless about getting divorced before getting remarried.

  14. I had to giggle when I read Henny's comment!

  15. He sounds like my real father who I never met but after I heard about him I was glad my Mom "kicked him to the curb".


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