Sunday, November 27, 2016

Tree in town

The tree that sits in the middle of Main Street in town every year has taken it’s rightful place.  It came from a farmstead just about 5 miles west of our home.  From a farm family with kids and dogs, a barn and cows to milk a long time ago.
Christmas Tree in town
Now it has a star on top and is decorated with red and green ornaments. 
Tree in town on main st
The Downtown Business Association has a tree lighting ceremony on the Friday night after Thanksgiving,   We have never been there for the lighting, but hear it is a nice gathering.

One night I may take my tripod to town and see if I can get a photo of the tree at night.  Usually once we are home for the night we stay in…old farts ya know.

I know that we should shop more in downtown but they have nothing we need.  One tourist trap after another, some open and some closed for the winter.  I went into Ben Franklin but they didn’t have the paper I needed.  I would have bought it there if it had been available.  Far Guy walked down the street to another store and it was closed.  So much for small town shopping. I bought some boxes at the UPS store! 
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  1. Sadly that seems to be the case for small town shopping in the downtown areas!

  2. Our towns used to have a decorated tree but not anymore. They don't even have Christmas lights anymore.

  3. Nice tree! Our downtown has a huge tree that's lit up for the holidays. I try very hard to support the local businesses, because I want them to stick around.

  4. Our small country farm towns here are bursting with stores like ma and pa family run shops of all kinds with restaurants barber shops and hairdressing sewing shops you name it it is there and the shoppers are mainly local folk and they decorate the main street every Christmas to look like it did back in the day with all their old carriage street lamps and such always so pretty . It would be nice if all small towns could run like that but people forget the little guys and always go the yukky big cities , we prefer the small country farm towns here better shops and nicer folk . Love your photos and your header is lovely that photo of Chance well he is just soo handsome . Thanks for sharing , have a good day !

  5. We also had a tree lighting ceremony downtown this weekend, and, like you we stayed home where it is warm and dry ( as opposed to very rainy and chilly).

  6. What a pretty tree. I always prefer s short needled spruce so you can see the ornaments hanging. Looking forward to our new town's tree lighting next weekend.

  7. Our town tree was an old cedar tree and they decided to cut it down. It had grown to be too large and ugly to decorate. They planted a better pine tree but I think it is still too small to really have a tree lighting ceremony. We have a smaller Walmart that is close to us and because they have a small building they reduce their stock in comparison to a super store. It makes it common for us to go there and not find what we want. I call it our quick trip store as we can pick up things quickly but not always exactly what we want. They have a reduced smaller size of food items too. No variety available.

  8. That tree is perfect! I would have been hard pressed to give it up...what generous people. I didn't know there were any Ben Franklin's left? I loved those stores. So sad about small towns as I prefer those stores and cafe's to the franchises.


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