Monday, November 7, 2016

Indian Summer

Yesterday I went outside for a good long time without a sweater or hooded sweatshirt.  We didn’t have a stretch of nice days like this all last summer.  It was sunny and 63 F or 17 C eh! Our forecast for the next nine days is highs in the 50’s.  I will take it!

Years ago we called this warm Fall weather Indian Summer, I suppose that is not politically correct…but you know what… I don’t care.

Chance got a really good brushing and his feet got all trimmed up, he has the furriest feet ever.

We went for a ride before nap time.

corn harvest

The farmer next door is harvesting his corn.  Off to the left you can see a portable deer stand and a hunter in blaze orange.

We didn’t see any deer in the afternoon.  From what I have heard, the Deer Hunters are not having much luck.

Saturday night on our way back from up North we saw 19 deer and one Bobcat. The ditches next to the road are prime grazing areas for deer after dark…we still have green growing grass.

Far Guy cleaned up Asian Beetles in the sauna, they are such pests. He says one bit him on the chin…and no matter what other people say they do bite and they do stink.  I ran the vacuum cleaner through both cars again. 

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  1. Wow, 19 deer and a bobcat. I hope none of them were crossing the road! Enjoy those temps. I don't imagine they will be lasting much longer.

    1. Yes several deer and the Bobcat were crossing the road! It was awesome to see the Bobcat, he/she was one of those so close you don't have time to react.

  2. So happy you are enjoying the outdoors still. Waving Hi to Chance! We see deer daily here on our street but I've never seen a bob cat. That would be awesome.
    Wishing you and FG a good Monday.

  3. So happy you are getting some nice Fall weather. We are enjoying the same around here. After all the crappy weather we had in November I am loving this. That is awesome that you got to see a Bobcat. I've only seen them in a zoo.

  4. We have been warmer than normal, but with rain. It's raining again right now after a fine day yesterday. Well, it is November after all. I enjoyed my extra hour, too. :-)

  5. We've had the same nice warm sunny weather. I got my bike out again. I rode in shirtsleeves. This can stay around for a while as far as I'm concerned.

  6. How cool to see a bobcat. We are much warmer than normal also. I'm sure the winter is out there lurking ready to pounce...but for now I'll enjoy Indian Summer.


  7. We've been having unseasonably warm weather too. Like your new header!

  8. That is a lot of deer to see in one ride. If I see more than two I call it a good day!!

  9. Beautiful weather, here, and yes, I call it Indian Summer.

    I love the smells of harvest time.

  10. Yes, those beetles do bite. They've gotten me a couple of times when I thought I was scooping up a dead bug. Here in Michigan, we get them crawling inside the house somehow to escape the cold. My dogs have learned to avoid them the hard way.

  11. Beautiful warm days here too. And lots of deer hunters around.

  12. From what I can tell from brief research, "Indian Summer" is still acceptable. We use the term here in the PC Pacific Northwest too. :-)

  13. What a lovely, warm and long autumn you are having! (We've had snow on the ground for over a week now.)

  14. Well, enjoy that beautiful weather while you can :)

  15. It look like it was a good day. No one has spotted our mountain lion again so it must have been a freak appearance. Our corn was finally picked, very late in the season.


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