Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Midway Memories : The Camper

Far Guys Dad had a custom built camper built sometime before 1966.

Jan  Unknown year Camper is new

It was a 1964 GMC chassis and it was custom built in Park Rapids Minnesota. 

That is Far Guy’s sister in the photo.  The camper pulled the big joint and the car a black 1963 Imperial pulled the small joint.

The camper was cozy and could sleep six people.  It had a shower/toilet…after you showered you had to wipe down the walls.  The sink was just outside the bathroom.  The kitchen also had a sink, stove and a refrigerator that ran on electricity or propane.  In the spot above the cab was a full size mattress with extra room at the foot of the bed, that spot filled with pillows made a great spot for two little girls to sleep on in later years on family vacations. 

Marvin 1966

Far Guy’s Dad standing in the doorway, the photo was taken from the edge of the loft.

Evelyn 1966

Far Guy’s Mom her hair in rollers and in her nightgown sitting at the table that folded down into a bed.  I think Far Guy’s sister is hiding in the bathroom area.  Note two lights, the round one with the chain was battery operated. The radio on the table was on most all the time.  There was a small television…when there was good reception with rabitt ears Far Guy’s Mom would go inside everyday at 2PM to watch General Hospital.

Both of the color photos are from Bonnie and Wayne. Most likely Uncle Jim took these photos.

The very best thing about the camper, it had air conditioning and on hot summer nights we really appreciated the cool air!

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  1. I remember my aunt had one of those old campers back in the day we called then caravans . Lovely photos and memories . Thanks for sharing , Have a good day !

  2. Very nice rig! And A/C too. The only way to camp out!

  3. Far Guy's Dad was a way ahead of his time when it came to campers. Stuff made today is just junk.

  4. That camper sure was nice and roomy.

  5. It was very good portable housing unit.

  6. Oh how fun to see these photos. I went camping in a similar trailer around 1970 with my friend Amy's family. That is a cute memory about his Mom watching GH too. So many women did! Hope you two have a good night - hugs to Chance!

  7. That's a fancy way to camp. I guess if you are staying there for months at a time you need some of the luxuries of home.


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