Friday, November 11, 2016

Thank you Veterans!

My husband is an 26 + year Veteran of the United States Air Force and the North Dakota Air National Guard. Thank you for all you did to protect our family and our country!!
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It wasn’t easy for him to be gone for extended periods of time.  We all survived, this was before cell phones, email and facetime…phone calls that were very expensive (usually collect calls), letters and postcards were our way to communicate.

Perhaps we were lucky…I am sure that soldiers in WWII and Korea would have loved to make an occasional phone call.

Today I would like to share another Soldier.  A good friend of my Uncle Hugos.
Hugo Yliniemi on the left and Anselme Saari
That is my Uncle Hugo on the left and his friend Anselmi on the right.
Anselmi Saari and Hugo Yliniemi
Hugo Yliniemi  on right and Anselmi Saari
Today I salute these two men. Anselmi on the left and Uncle Hugo on the right.  Look at those grins. I believe this photo was taken before they were sent overseas in 1942.  My Uncle went to Sicily, he was injured when an 88 shelled trees where his unit was dug in.  His left heal was shot off and he had numerous wounds and shrapnel in his back near his spine.  He carried that shrapnel near his spine throughout his life.  He was sent back stateside and then had to endure a train ride from the east coast to a west coast hospital.  He spent a really long time in the hospital there.

I don’t know where Anselmi went during WWII, I know nothing of him other than he was  a good friend of my Uncle Hugos, Anselmi never married and he is buried near his parents, two brothers who never married and a sister who never married in the Pickerel Lake Cemetery.  He had one sister who married and had one child who didn’t care about relatives of his mother.   I found these photos a long time ago and scanned them, there is no one to give them to that would appreciate them. I cropped the first photo and put it up at Find A Grave.  I will make another trip back to the cemetery to look for Anselmi’s grave so I can photograph it.  If it doesn’t have a Veterans Flag holder or marker I will contact the County Veterans Service Officer.

How about you?  What will you do today to remember a Veteran?
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  1. God Bless and keep their memory alive, that we never forget.

  2. Never forget! I'm working in findagrave also, and yesterday went out to the cemetery and took a photo of the flags my dad put out and posted it on his page. My parents are on facebook, but don't usually do anything on it except comment on family goings on. That's a shame that Ansalmi does not have any descendants who would want the photos. I find that to not be a rarity in genealogy. So many believe to leave the past in the past. What saddens me is the photos that are for sale in flea markets and antique stores...I want to find who they belong to and it just makes me crazy to see them unwanted.

  3. Anselmi was an unusual name. It's nice of you to memorialize these two American soldiers on Veteran's Day. I will be thanking all who have defended our country at a Veteran's Day parade in our little town this afternoon.

  4. Tell Far Guy Thank You for your service. I am busy thanking all the service men and women that I personally know. They have sacrificed much for this Country.

  5. You honor Anselmi and your caring thoughtfulness is noted -

    I will much the same for the Peter in your Forgotten Photos banner. I will check that he has a flag - he is 70 miles away - one way.

  6. Thank you, veterans!

    I'll work on another Quilt of Valor today - more veterans need these honor quilts.

  7. My heartfelt thanks to Gene. I love the pics of Uncle Hugo and his friend. The photos are so very similar to those I have of Dad and his friends.
    John has an eye exam today and then I will take him for an early supper. The deafness in his right ear is most likely a result of his service as an MP. He is one of the fortunate ones to have returned and I thank God for him.

  8. My dad was in the British Merchant Marine during the war. We will be off to a Remembrance Day ceremony at a cenotaph a few miles from us.

  9. We cannot thank the veterans enough for what they have done for our country. We have our American flag waving proudly in front of the house in honor of this day.

  10. As always, you have an excellent post for Remembrance day. I narrow it down like you and think of one person I knew who was in the forces.

  11. My gratitude to Far Guy, Uncle Hugo and Anselmi for their service.

  12. You too are a hero for caring about those who have been forgotten!


  13. Thank you and your have more than served your country well.


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