Thursday, May 12, 2016

Paige: Prom

Last weekend was a busy weekend, it was prom!

We went up north to get some photos.  It was a nice day, a little windy but sunny!

Paiges High High heels

Look at those high high heels.

back of Paiges dress

The back of Paige’s dress.

Paiges Group

Paige’s group of friends.

Talking this over with Grandpa

Talking something over with her Grandpa…probably something about lello (Yellow) hair.  When Paige was little she couldn’t say Yellow for a long time…finally she told her Mom to make Grandpa stop saying lello.

Paige and Chance

Paige and Chance.

Paige and her beau

Paige and her beau…he had a Star Wars Watch.

Sparkly Sisters

Sparkly sisters

Paige and her beau Black and white)

Paige Grand March

I stayed for Grand March it was fun to see all the different gowns.  I think there were 175 couples that went through the Grand March.

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  1. Beautiful girl! It was a day Paige will never forget.

  2. Wow, she is so beautiful! Great pictures to keep forever. I love the picture with Chance especially. :-)

  3. Great photos. Beautiful grand daughters.

  4. Always fun to see prom photos, do you remember your prom?

  5. Oh to be young again!
    Great post today.

  6. Another milestone captured in photos. Paige is a beautiful young woman: I love her sparkly dress.

  7. So fun to see these photos. I noticed one young lady went with flat sandals! I've been trying to convince GN to do that for the sake of her knee, but haven't had any luck so far. Glad they had a sunny day! What a sweet moment with her and FG.

  8. She's so young and beautiful! She should enjoy every minute! (High heels and all!)

  9. Isn't it fun to see the kids at prom? Much more fun than having to go through all that fuss and go ourselves. Well, in my opinion it is. And wow, those heels!!

  10. Parents and Grandparents never came for the grand march when I was in high school. Things are different now. They look so pretty and handsome--all of them.

    My folks took us kids to see Old Yeller at the drive-in. My sister was traumatized--and kept crying and screaming--Day shot Ol' Leller! She cried about Ol' Leller for days. Wasn't a good movie to take a little one to. I made the same kind of mistake. I had taken Dagan to see ET and we loved it. Steven Spielburg had a new movie out--I knew nothing about it and assumed it would be a good kid's movie. We went to the drive-in and saw Poltergeist!!!! He was a bit older (7 but still had nightmares--but he insisted on staying and watching the whole thing even though I said we should leave. We didn't watch another Spielburg movie till Back To The Future--LOL!

  11. Great looking granddaughter. Awesome photos. It's an exciting time of year for the grads.

  12. You have beautiful (and handsome) grandchildren. Those boys of Jen's have gotten very good-looking. You had posted their pictures within the last week or two. I think that grand march sounds like fun - - and it's neat that anyone? can watch it.

  13. Those are some great pictures. Exciting days for the young people.

  14. Pretty granddaughters- I loved watching the parade when my oldest one went to prom- so many gorgeous gowns.

  15. They don't look like sisters but they are gorgeous and so are the dresses. I must admit though, times have changed...if I had dressed like that I would have never gotten out of the house...EVER! I did have strict parents even in my generation compared to my friends. I think Paige had the best looking date of all her frends too! LOL! Great pictures! So glad you got to go and see them.

  16. Our school live streamed the kids coming to the event this year. They now have the movie ready to be seen at any time. I couldn't identify a lot of the students that I have known for a few years because they cleaned up so much that they didn't look like themselves. One girl was a Taylor Swift look alike. Two guys showed up in a roadster to get out and walk the red carpet. It is a lot of fun for the kids and they do have some great memories.Your granddaughter looked so grown up.

  17. Connie, I am so behind. I have just looked at Maddie and now Paige's beautiful photos. Oh, you are so blessed to have these sweet girls in your life. I especially get tears when I see Chance with them looking up in admiration. Sweet photos and thanks to you and to the ladies for sharing them. xo

  18. Loved both sets of prom pictures. How fun that you do all that!


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