Sunday, May 22, 2016

Another one turns Seventeen

Well you cannot stop them from growing or turning older.

Today Noah turns 17.  How did that happen so fast?


This is the photo I put on his birthday card.

Uffda, so tall and so handsome!

Noah August 1999

Look at that smile!  It seems like yesterday, but this photo was taken in August of 1999.

Noah and GRandpa July 1999

Noah and Grandpa having a serious talk about “man” stuff. I know you have probably seen this photo before but it is one of my favorites!

We had a lot to learn.  About boys…Noah is our first Grandson…and since we only had girls ouselves and we made it through three granddaughters…boys were/are a bit different than girls.  Easier…much easier.  Just my opinion.  Quieter too. 

Noah is 17

Happy 17th Birthday Noah!

I took this photo yesterday. We helped to celebrate his birthday a day early!

Noah, You are one of the kindest people I know.  Responsible could have been your middle name.  You are a wonderful gentleman and it is a pleasure to be your Grandmother.

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  1. Happy birthday to Noah! Yes, they grow up way too fast is one of the truest cliches around.

  2. My daughter and other teachers say that boys are easier, also. With boys, you know where you stand. If they have issues, they fight it out and go on with life. Girls hold grudges and are schemers - - - not all of them but if you gave the groups general characteristics, those would be it.
    We are always proud for our kids and grands to grow up strong, healthy, and intelligent but never ready for them to be there so fast!

  3. I grew up in a family of girls and then had boys myself. I did find them pretty easy but don't have anything to compare them to. Happy birthday Noah! :-)

  4. I only had one child - a girl, and it seems to me they are "harder" than boys to raise. My granddaughter now has two girls - girls seem to run I our family. My mother had 3 girls. Now my grand daughter has two little girls. My daughter had just the one child a girl who is my grand daughter. I think girls hang around the house a lot and talk to Mommy and boys go outside and play with the other boys.

    Shirley H.

  5. I agree that boys are easier, much easier!! I raised two sons and then a grandson and a granddaughter came to live with me. The struggle is REAL with the girl! But we are getting there!! Happy Birthday to your handsome grandson!!

  6. Well that's a great tribute to your grandson. It brings a tear to the eye of someone like me.

  7. Noah at 17 is manageable. I hope he has a great birthday today. Grandmas knows these things when they can see kind and responsible in a young man. He has grown a lot these past few years.

  8. Happy birthday Noah! Well we both have granddaughters named Madison who are the same age and now I see we have grandsons with the same birthday. Today is my grandson John's birthday. Noah is a handsome boy and his smile is still as sweet as it was in his baby picture.

  9. What a sweet post. Happy Birthday to Noah.

  10. Happy birthday, Noah! I love the picture of him with grandpa, too. :)

  11. Great photo of grandpa and grandson. Look how little he was! Such nice things to say about, him, too. Best wishes to Noah! I am so with you on the girl thing and all the noise. :-/

  12. Happy Birthday to Noah. Great pictures and I love the baby photos, too. My youngest nephew turns 30 tomorrow - time flies! You are very blessed with wonderful grandchildren.

  13. Happy Birthday to Noah...a fine young man and handsome too! I too love that picture of Far Guy and Noah when he was a precious. Noah looks like he is seriously contemplating something when in reality he was probably just squinting from the light. I think he was born an old soul and has always been wise beyond his years just from the looks of it! Lucky Grandparents and lucky Noah to have you guys.

  14. Awww - what a kind-looking fellow. Happy belated birthday.

  15. I've enjoyed watching your grands grow up :-).


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