Sunday, August 24, 2014

Changing the Flags

We have been going to the changing of the flags since 2008, I first wrote about it that year.

One Man’s Dream

In 2009 I called the blog post

Bunker Hill

In 2010 my Dad helped raise the Army Flag

Vietnam Memorial on the Prairie

In 2011 my Dad lowered the Army Flag

The Flags of August

In 2012 Far Guy raised the Air Force Flag

War Memorial

In 2013  Far Guy lowered the Air Force Flag

Bunker Hill

Yesterday was the day.  The flags would be changed again.

The rifle salute

The Marine Color Guard group called Star of the North giving the rifle salute.

Far Guy and his Uncle Archie lowered the old Air Force Flag and raised the new one.  It was a cool cloudy day with rain threatening.  So what if we got wet…soldiers through the years have been wet, cold and tired what is a little rain.  I am not sweet enough to melt.

Lowering the Air Force flag


Between these two men they have over 50 years of service.

raising the Air Force flag

During the ceremony one of the Marines became ill. A couple of nurses in the crowd took care of him.  He is going to be okay.

Carsonville Fire and Rescue was on the way.

Carsonville Rescue

Bunker Hill sits up on a hill and you can see for miles.

The flags were burned this year, last year it was to windy to burn them.

Burning of the flags

Once again Trudy prepared a wonderful lunch…you name it and it was there homemade buns with turkey, ham or hot turkey, pasta salads, baked beans, cole slaw, fruit salads and desserts…every kind of cake imaginable.

We met new friends Lani and Connie from Laporte there, they are new to the area and Lani is a Vietnam Vet. Lani said the ceremony brought some old feelings to the surface…not all good ones.

Those memories of war is what built this memorial on Bunker Hill, something good that came out of bad memories of young men in a horrid war.

We should never forget.

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  1. Yes: we should never forget. And what a lovely way to remember, with loved ones and gratitude all around.

  2. I'm so glad you have commemorated this occasion every year. Last night I dreamt about my son and feeling a little melancholy this morning. Your post suits my mood perfectly. I hope we never forget.

  3. Always moving these ceremonies. We have retired teaching friends on Lake Kabekona with a LaPorte address....

  4. A wonderful tradition and ceremony . Lovely photos . Thanks for sharing , Have a good day !

  5. My hubs and brother in law are Vietnam Veterans, my brother in law still has ptsd yet has worked for 31 years in an umbrella place..He has to have his prescriptions and if he doesn't he gets very ill mentally, he has outlasted what the VA thought and finally got his ptsd upgraded and official after nearly 35 years, only 3 months for all those years in arrears, he got mighty mad, but we had to go to the governors of Oregon and Washington and senators and congressmen and congresswomen to get him anything, sadly his partner of many years passed and he became despondent, We were with him all the way, he is now better and a new gal in his life, we are married more than 40 years and my hubs never speaks of the horrors of the service at all, thankfully he was okay but he never forgets at all, we never ever argue he asked me on our wedding day for that and I have abided, I never went off to war and all the horror, he came back to me and I thought a miracle, our only child has never known war or military service, I say to the VA give the men and women who suffered from being in war a big boost in this life and help them and not put off their mental and physical health needs NOW..I love your blog, it must be heaven to live in Minnesota, we live in Washington state it is lovely and green but this year it has not rained and temps are in the 90's and 100's we figure the polar vortex is coming our way..I do appreciate your comments and all your husband did and his uncle to be in the service..To me it is shameful the young people today do not serve our country, just my opinion..I love your comments about your making of Christmas objects from wood and your many years of service to your Historical society, you are organized and creative and neat..ciao!

  6. God Bless your community for its continued support of this memorial.

  7. How wonderful, very nice tribute.Blessings Francine.

  8. It's always good to stop and pay tribute to those who served and remember them.

  9. My brother is a Vietnam Veteran and after this long we are still finding out about why he is having so much pain
    in his body as it shows up now that he is 65. He was just 19 and shot many times he never told about.
    We must pay tribute to all our Veteran's.

  10. a wonderful meaningful post. Great that your family has served and has raised and lowered the flags. How cool

  11. I would love to have been there. My first husband, Lynn and Andee's Dad, was in the Air Force and went to Vietnam twice. We were a military family for several years. I went back and looked at all of your older "changing of the flags" posts. Thank you!

  12. This is such a great thing. We have a Veterans cemetery near Van Meter and it is neat to have but one can't just drop by the site to visit and burial ceremonies are to last no more than 30 minutes and everyone has to leave. Bunker Hill is a great name for it.

  13. I admire you and your family for taking part in this patriotic event and tribute. The ceremony looks beautiful.

  14. Your family has certainly been intertwined with that tribute over the years! Thank you to all in your family who have served. Yes, it is so important to remember.

  15. I always get tears of pride at things like this!!



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