Friday, August 29, 2014

Chance: Height of Land Lake

Hiya it’s me the blogging Border Collie!  It is my turn!  Border Collies rule!!

One fine day Far Side and I deserted Far Guy (he had company) and we met a gal that bought a bunch of special order carvings.   We met up at Height of Land…at the public access … Far Side can never remember the names of buildings but she knew you had to turn between the yellow house and the old deserted beer joint on the north side of the road.

Height of Land lake

Minnesota has many of these Public Access areas on lakes, you can launch a boat here and there is plenty of room adjacent to park a boat trailer whilst you are off on the lake.

Far Side had to check it out…and declare it safe.

The water was fine

I love the water…but only up to my belly!

This year some lakes have a yucky snotty looking blue green algae bloom.  If a dog laps up that water…they can die.  There was a news story not very long ago about a Golden Retriever that died right after playing ball in the water and drinking the water.  The algae carries a toxin that can affect dogs, livestock and other animals.

So dog owners beware!  Carry water in a dish for your four legged friends and if the water looks questionable…do not allow your pet in the water.

Land of Sky Blue waters

We do live in the Land of Sky Blue Waters…but you have to use common sense.

White Water Lily

Height of Land Lake has White Water Lilies ( Nymphaea tuberosa)

I thought Far Side might swim out to get a better photo…but she used her zoom lens instead.



  1. Thanks for blogging today, Chance. Always love hearing from you and your side of the story. Good advice about pets and the water. Have a great weekend.

  2. I always knew you are a smart dog, Chance, but I also am astounded to find out that you can read as well! Good thing, because that algae is dangerous. Thanks for the heads up. :-)

  3. Thanks for the safety tip, Chance. The water lily is very pretty.
    Hope you all enjoy the weekend.

  4. Thanks for the safety warning, Chance! I'd never heard about that before. So sad.

  5. I did not know that about that particular algae. That poor Golden Retriever :(

    Is that type of algae just in your local area? Or widespread? I am "aunt" to another Golden Retriever who is particularly fond of a good splash in the water...

    1. It has been noted in many Minnesota Lakes, it is from pollution (people fertilizing their lawns and it running off into the lake) and heavy rains and warmth. It has happened other summers too. We just watch for signs of it in the water.

  6. Chance you look mighty handsome in the blue water.

  7. Cute! What? No wading out in the water to get a picture?

  8. Chance you are a bottled water kind of guy anyway. It is a bother to go all the way to the lake when mom and dad can fetch if from the refrigerator or sink. I had to look that lake up on the net as I had never heard of that one. It will take a while to learn all ten thousand of them.

  9. Glad that FarSide is keeping a sharp eye on the condition of the water. Stay safe, Chance and enjoy the last days of summer.

  10. It's sad that we get algal bloom and it makes people sick or die. It's a tragedy what harm we do to our water.

  11. I never heard that about the poisonous algae for dogs! That's so scary! I am glad you are safe and well, Chance!

  12. The nasty algae bloom has been making news here also! You stay very safe, Chance!!!

    Fuzzy and Boomer


  13. Far Side is looking out for you Chance!

  14. Thanks Chance for the tip about the water! Sam always takes us down to the lake and then over to the creek and the creek gets a little funny looking but we've drank it we won't.

  15. Such beatiful pictures! You are a much loved dog Chance. Farside doesnt want you to get sick. Ear rubs to you.


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