Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Bergeson Nursery Gardens

If you are from Minnesota you have probably heard of Bergeson Nursery.  It is a wonderful place in the middle of nowhere near Fertile Minnesota.

I have been there before and I am always amazed at the gardens.

Bergeson Nursery

Bergeson Gardens two

Parsley  Red celosia and vertigo Grass

This was one of my favorite flower beds.  Parsley, Red Celosia and Vertigo Grass. There was another non descript plant along the bottom but the Parsley overshadowed it.

Mother of Pearls Rose

Mother of Pearl Rose

Sunshine Daydream

Sunshine Daydream Rose bud

Sunshine Daydream Rose

Sunshine Dream…I give this one high marks…it had great foliage and beautiful blooms!  That and yellow is my favorite flower color.

They have more roses than other years.  They also have trial beds of petunias and containers filled with flowers everywhere high and low.

Petunias Everwhere

It is fun to see what is looking good in Minnesota in August…if it looks good then you have it made!  The Bergeson family takes great pride in their gardens as they should! 

Since my background is in horticulture I enjoyed seeing all the new cultivars.  Most everything is well marked and a map of the gardens is available for self tours.

There was a very nice gentleman there who I believe is the new owner who has taken the reins from his brother who is running for political office…he is running for State Representative District 1B….not our district but if he is as hard working for the people of Minnesota as he was in the Nursery Business then he would get my vote.  

It was a fun afternoon!

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  1. I would love to visit here. The flowers are gorgeous. Thanks for sharing your trip with us.

  2. I love visiting "Gardens" and seeing all the beautiful flowers and how they are presented. This one looks great - palace I would love to visit.

  3. Just the kind of place to either inspire you to rush home and start planting, or maybe instead to make you despair at your own sad efforts.
    Never thought of using parsley as a border.

  4. Beautiful gardens, indeed. I didn't know your background was in horticulture, but I'm not surprised. You are definitely mutlitalented. :-)

  5. What an awesome garden. The colors are so vibrant! My flowers are fading fast in the Texas heat, and I'm tired of trying to keep them alive. Ready for fall. Congrats to these great nursery folks.

  6. Absolutely beautiful ~ I have added it to my list to see (which is actually getting longer than shorter) :)

  7. Well located in . . . .FERTILE, Minnesota. :-)
    I love yellow roses and those are beauts

  8. Those flowers are beautiful! That was an exciting day. Seeing the bear and all the gardens. What kind of tree is that in the top three pictures. Looks like large black walnuts (before they turn black).

  9. GORGEOUS and isn't it so very relaxing to walk amidst that kind of beauty?!!!
    How is Far Guy's cold? Hope he is feeling a bit better.

  10. Good nurseries are always a good tour.

  11. Gorgeous gardens // they rival our Botanic garden blooms !!!

  12. OH my! How gorgeous!

  13. Oh, what a beautiful garden! And so fresh looking for August!

  14. You captured that Mother of Pearl rose perfectly! What a beauty!

    I could spend hours wandering around in a place like that. Must be very relaxing to see--but hard work to keep up!

  15. How nice it is near "Fertile"! LOL I love going through gardens that are well done like that as well and so nice when a nursery does that. I think it really shows off their plants.

  16. Lovely! And colorful! The prettiest rose I ever got was a light lavender. Maybe just because I'd never seen one before, eh? ;)


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