Friday, December 7, 2012

Girl’s Hockey

All three of our grand girls play hockey.  They are all on the Junior Varsity Team this year.  Last night we drove north to a game.

Paige and the puck

Paige and the puck.



Vannah getting her puck back

Savannah getting her puck back.

Savannah and Maddie

Savannah and Maddie

They lost the game, the other team was simply better at passing the puck and scoring.  The girls skated hard and had a good time.  We hope to attend several more games this season. Last night the roads and weather were good:)

Maddie Paige and Vannah

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Anonymous said...

Great photos and I know it was fun to watch the girls play. Thankful the weather was ok. Have a very nice weekend.

DJan said...

What fun! I look forward to some more games, with them winning! :-)

RURAL said...

Way to go, it's a great sport, and so healthy for them.

Love that last shot.


Gail said...

It is wonderful that you can watch all play and not pulled in different directions.
wonderful photos and fine looking ladies.

Muffie said...

Gorgeous girls! And jocks! Go girls!

Country Gal said...

Lovely looking girls ! Wonderful photos. Good for them playing hockey , guess what? I did to when I was younger our team was called Inglewood Wolverines It was a small town more like village I played for that was close to our farm ! You go Girls ! Have a great day !

Karen said...

It's great to see teenage girls being so active. Here's to more good driving, hockey watching evenings for you!

MTWaggin said...

LOVE hearing about your hockey playing girls and the pictures are fabulous!

Red said...

I prefer women's or girls hockey any day. Females play hockey and are very good skaters. so way to go for your granddaughters and hockey.

Pamela said...

Nice to see they haven't lost their teeth, broken their noses, or lost their sweet girl looks! I always have a picture in my mind of hockey players....

Sam I Am...... said...

I would love to go see them! I like hockey but we don't have it down here...the ice melted! LOL! Cute gals!