Saturday, September 10, 2011

September 10, 2011

Jo invited us over for supper last was wonderful..she is a good cook. Roast pork and  potatoes and slices of tomato..and Angel Food cake and raspberries for dessert.  Yummy!!


Chance and Odda.  You can see that the trees are starting to turn and the grass has gone dormant.  The dogs only sat still for a minute.


The moon is almost full over a potato field.  The harvest should be starting soon..the weather is most likely too warm, it was 90 degrees today:)

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  1. Odda was happy you all came over! Me too! Soon it'll be cold and card playing time again!!!! Enjoy our nice days while we have them.

  2. That new header with Chance's pink tongue and those pretty flowers surrounding him... you are always a genius with these things. We are still having our summer weather, with it being hot for the last two weeks, finally. Things are beginning to turn here, too. Just to remind us that fall is on the way.

  3. Great shots!

    It is nice to know, in a world where many don't know their neighbors, there is still companionship and dinner with friends.

  4. Supper with a good friend/neighbor sounds wonderful! Cute picture of the pups. At 90, you were warmer than us yesterday! Enjoy the weekend.

  5. It has been awhile since we have had 90 here but when I went out to Illinois we sure did! That last picture is just beautiful. I posted on my school experience for you, Connie ;)

  6. It's cool here. 77* Fall seems early, but it always does for me. We are starting the pinto bean harvest.

    I wish I could be your that I'm retired I would volunteer! But I suspect you know more than I do about newsletters. :)


  7. That is a lovely and serene moon picture!

  8. The food sounds wonderful!

    The photos are great and the dogs are gorgeous.

    We have been having falllike weather here all of this week. Last week it was in the upper 90s.


  9. Your nothern heat has been crzy lately. My Michigan daughters have had it too. Last Saturday, on the field at the University of Michigan game, it was 135 degrees! Then it rained like crazy.

    Raspberries and cake sound wonderful. Love your sunset. It looks so calming.

  10. Awww, they look so calm and sweet there in the grass!

    Glad you had a great time with friends!

  11. You two sound like wonderful friends. Praise God the dogs like being together, too. Not all dogs get along well. Your day sounded wonderfully relaxing.

  12. Your meal made me hungry. I like how the two dogs just hang around together.


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