Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Wistful Wednesday : 1952 or 1953

Alaska Guy is Far Guys cousin.  He spends a third of his life in Alaska, a third in Arizona and a third in Hawaii.  He is not married at the moment.  Although he has a “gal” and we have met her( she is a doll.)  He flew in and out to see his Dad ( Far Guys Uncle).  Alaska Guy is a pilot…so he comes and goes at will.  He is footloose and fancy dogs or cats..

Barry Abbott 

I knew Alaska Guy before I knew Far Guy.  You see Alaska Guy lived kitty corner from our farm.  He lived in a little house behind his grandparents house. He was a year older than me and his sister was a year younger.  We played together all the time.

In 1954 or 1955 it was their house that I was running off to for an afternoon adventure. Knowing I was not supposed to walk anywhere near the highway,I took off into the pasture where I promptly got my britches stuck in the barbed wire and could not get loose. There I hung by the britches, until my Mother noticed my red scarf bobbing up and down. My feet would not touch the ground, I couldn’t get unstuck no matter what I tried. Barbed wire and having short legs ruined my afternoon adventure.

Alaska Guy had his hip done two years ago..he would call and talk for hours.  He must have had good drugs because he doesn’t remember calling us.

When he was here on Sunday he and Far Guy talked about hips, old classmates, when they were little, cars and planes.  It is good to spend an afternoon just talking to one of your cousins.

If you ever fly from Phoenix to Honolulu this may be your pilotSmile

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  1. I think your life with all those kids and dogs and grandkids is better than Alaska Guy's who might be "footloose and fancy free" but he's missing a whole lot of wonderful parts of life! However, I'm glad to have met him via this post, Connie.

  2. I love the idea of living a third of your year in Alaska, a third in Arizona and a third in Hawaii. Am I too old to become am airline pilot?

  3. Kids pictures seem to look different back then than now...

  4. Love the photos and post ! Sounds like an adventerouse fellow good for him why not if he is on his own ! It is nice to just sit and catch up with family ! Have a wonderful day !

  5. Heeehehehe, I just just picture your little girl self danglin' from the barbed wire.

    Sounds like Alaska Guy has the perfect life of a single guy but I'm like DJan and wouldn't trade family for all the freedom in the world!

    Loved the pic sweetie!!!

    You have yourself a marvelously blessed day! :o)

  6. It sounds as if he is a great guy! And what a lovely lifestyle - especially the living in Hawaii bit.

  7. What a great childhood story and cute pic! Alaska Guy has chosen three great places to enjoy - I'm happy he was able to visit and talk over old times.

  8. Would love to be able to afford to do that.

    We lived in Alaska for 3 years and loved it. For a long time we would have gone back in a heartbeat (work allowing); but now hubby is pretty sure he wouldn't like the cold any more.

    Beautiful place though. Catching up with family is usually a good thing. :)

  9. LOL... I bet your Mom had a hard time not laughing when she seen your red bobbing up and down.

    When I seen the name of your blog, I had to come over and say Hi!!

  10. I'm trying to imagine life without kids or pets....some days it would be nice and carefree. But ultimately - I'll stick with my "balls and chains" lol

  11. Wow, what an adventurous life he leads. It sounds like you have many memories of your own adventures on the farm. I counld just see your little body hanging on the wire. Good times.


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