Saturday, September 3, 2011

Baby Turns Ten

The baby in our family turns double digits today..ten.   He is our baby boy. The youngest of the young. Our youngest grandson born just before 911 when the whole world changed.


He keeps this Grandma entertained.


He can keep a straight face when I am giggling.


Someday a beautiful girl will appreciate those eyelashes.


He can be sweet, and he knows that a hug will always win his Mother over. ( I think he was hungry and wanted some chips.)


Perhaps in the next year he will learn to bait his hook and take his own fish off the hook and set them free.

He is going to let me visit his big house on the lake that he is going to buy for his Mother.  He told me the same day that he wanted to be a Wal-Mart greeter so he would always be around to help people find what they need.  I told him that perhaps he would need a job that pays just a little bit more in order to afford a lake home.

Ten years ago when he was born, I used to snuggle him close, he seemed to really like my intermittent hot flashes that kept us both toasty warm and sleepy.  He smelled of baby powder and spit up, one of those great combinations that seems to linger forever in a grandmothers mind.

He was born on Labor Day, it was a true Labor Day for his Mother.  He was a big boy, and his birth was not easy…especially since he was birthed naturally without any medications (ouch).  I was there to watch him take his first breath..he was beautiful. He is our baby, and always will be the baby of the family even if he is ten years old:)

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  1. Its our Labour day weekend as well ! Its hot and humid YUK!! yes they grow fast what a handsome young man ! Have a wonderful day !

  2. I'm sure HE wouldn't like to be thought of as a baby, now that he's ten and all. What a fine looking young man, Connie. You are so fortunate. Just to have him around is a blessing... :-)

  3. What a handsome guy he is... and you are right about those eyelashes!
    I love boys who love hugs! I have one of those... he used to 'hug-jack' me when I walked down the hall or across a room - suddenly he'd swoop in and give me a hug!

  4. He's a handsome young man and yes, hugs and long eyelashes are a great combination to win over the ladies! I know you are so proud of him and love him so much.

  5. Happy Birthday to that gorgeous boy! He looks like a bundle of fun.

  6. He has pretty eyes, too. Life flies by faster and faster and faster, doesn't it!! Baby delivery without medication - - by choice?!! My sister did that with hers but she had fast labor and small babies.

  7. Happy Birthday grandma's handsome young man.
    Connie I love the way you make me laugh.

  8. Lucky you grandma. My eldest grandson, now in Arizona is all ten. They could be peas in a pod... even look alike. :)

  9. I have a 10 year old in my house. I think it is a good year, but kind of hard.

    And what a wonderful thing to still give his mom hugs! (I hope grandma gets them too)

  10. He sure is cute! Does he still like to cuddle?

  11. He's a handsome lad, and I bet he'll continue to have a soft spot for his grandma. I love that your hot flashes came in handy for cuddling! I don't think mine ever served any good purpose. :-)

  12. Wonderful pictures, and his fun nature shows in the photos. I hope his birthday was wonderful.

  13. Great story and how bittersweet, that the "baby" is already 10.

    I love your portraits of him. Nice job.

  14. yes ouch. I did that several times (the natural thing) I would never do it now if I had it to do over. Thank goodness it "taint" an option.

    He is a handsome fellow!


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