Monday, September 26, 2011

Chance : Happiness

Happiness is playing ball with your best friends.

Happy Dogs

Little Elvis, Me and Miney

Happiness is being too big to carry up the slide.


Noah and Little Elvis

Happiness is resting next to your bestest dog friend.


While keeping one eye on the ball.

And one eye on Little Elvis.

Elvis on the slide

As he zips down the slide:)

***No dogs were harmed on the slide, after a couple of times Little Elvis hid behind Far Side to escape his next turn.  Noah and Adam showed remarkable teamwork, Noah took Little Elvis to the top of the slide and Adam waited at the bottom.


  1. Cute photos. They look like they had a blast ! Wish we could find a friend for Miggy to play with she really could use a play mate at times. Have a wonderful day !

  2. Little Elvis looks a bit bewildered on that slide! He is probably going to be around telling the other dogs about "those nut case" humans that did this to him while secretly all chuffed.


  3. Adorable pictures, Connie. I especially like the one of them resting after playing hard. Poor little Elvis, I don't think he likes the slide. :-)

  4. Really cute photos! Looks like everyone had fun.

  5. It doesn't take much to keep a dog happy:) I'm sure attention from Far Side and Far Guy are high on his list though:)

  6. I wish Buddy would chase a ball. Chance loves his playmates doesn't he.

  7. Looks like everyone had a great day.

  8. Dogs and kids are masters at having fun. Thanks for the smiles.

  9. It looks like all dogs and little boys had a blast!

    God bless ya and have a marvelous week sweetie!!! :o)

  10. What fun photos! Oscar would definitely not want to go down a slide though...

  11. Ya never know when you are gonna come across a dog that loves slides. I had one once. I've had a lot of dogs. But it is always worth the try. So are lots of other potential dog tricks.

  12. What a great outing it was for the dogs.

  13. A LONG time ago, my daughter's friend used to put her little poodle on the slide. I think the kid liked it better than the dog. You are right - - - sometimes it is good to be on the upper end of the scale!


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