Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Chance : Making friends at the lake

Hey it is me!!  Chance!!  The most handsome blogging Border Collie ever!

I got to go to the lake, with all my sisters kids.  While I was there I met lots of other dogs.

Chance and an older Golden Retriever

This was the first dog I met, an older Golden Retriever.  He was pretty cool, but he was fish obsessed.  He kept dunking his head under the water looking for fish.

Then there is Riley who lives on Star Island.  I have met him before.

Chance and Riley at Cass Lake sept 11

Riley is stick obsessed.  He fetches them just fine and then takes off with them and chews them up.

Riley Maddie and Chance

Look at how far that dog will go after a stick.  Far Side actually got the stick in the air..how cool is that?


My sisters husband is just about ready to get that ball for me as I am belly deep already.  The blip in the distance is Far Guy out on the kayak.

This is at Lake Windigo..this is a spring fed lake on Star Island.  Star Island is totally surrounded by Cass Lake which is a river feed lake.  This is the only lake within a lake in the Northern Hemisphere.  The water was very calm on Lake Windigo.


I was the coolest dog on the lake that day.  When I got home I needed a really long nap:)


  1. Yes, Chance, you are the most handsome blogging border collie. :)

  2. Looks like fun and beautiful weather, Chance! Love your shades!

  3. So they are obsessed with things, Chance. How about you? Maybe blogging?? You are definitely the coolest dog I know!

  4. Oh Chance you are handsome, cute adorable and look wonderful in your shades ! Great photos ! Have a good day !

  5. Awesome! Great news and great photos. :)

  6. A lake within a lake, how cool is that. Just like you Chance!

  7. Yes I bet Chance needed a nap after that. I bet you did too. Water and sun makes ya tired even if it is a blast. Enjoying the last bit of summer.

  8. You are a great dog blogger Chance. It was nice to meet the other dogs and I enjoy seeing you in the water and having fun. My first cousin and her husband from Arizona, spend their summers on Cass Lake. Take care Chance and don't pick up any of those habits from those other guys.

  9. Love the pic with the shades!! Great shots of all the friends and good times, Chance. :)

  10. Cute!

    I did not know that there even was a lake within a lake any where. How neat is THAT!


  11. Happy you had so much fun at the lake.
    Hugs to you Chance!

  12. What a day Chance - also enjoyed the last day of summer pics on the lake FUN!

  13. LOL - wonderful shots. And you do look cool!

  14. You really are the coolest Chance. You have people trained to get the ball out of the water rather than swimming halfway across the lake for a stick! No nutrition in a stick. And you know you don't have to hunt underwater for fish because your owners will dish up the food for you! You are a blessed dog and were very fortunate to take part in that last day of summer on the lake.


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