Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Lets Play Hockey

On valentines day, we attended a hockey game.  Our granddaughters Savannah and Madison were playing.  They both play on the same team this year, Girls 12 and under, yes Savannah is 13..but she didn't make the cut off date.  Paige plays also, but didn't have a game on Sunday.
All three of the girls love hockey.  It is what they do in the winter, between practices, games and tournaments..it is an all consuming sport. In the summer they attend skills clinics and hockey camps. This is their third year of playing girls hockey,when they lived in Nebraska there wasn't a girls hockey program. 
The first girls hockey game was played in Barrie, Ontario in 1892.  However it took more than a hundred years for Women's Hockey to finally appear at the Olympics in 1998 in Nagano, Japan.
 I talked with the girls, I asked them  if they thought they could ever play in the Olympic Games..they thought so..but Madison and Paige want to play on different teams when they go to college..so they can "cream" each other.  There are two sisters on the Olympic Team this year..the Lamoureux sisters from Grand Forks, ND.  In fact there are five women on the Olympic team that are from Minnesota or North Dakota.
 Savannah is a bit of a scrapper.  She would like to be able to do full body checks, sometimes she pushes the limit and incurs a penalty.   Physical checks are a way to take out, slow down or interrupt the other teams possession of the puck.  Checking is not allowed in Girls Hockey.
 Madison is in the back of this photo..getting ready to bite the dust..ice.
I am not sure what positions the girls play. I think they are Wings..maybe.  When they are playing they fall down, I hold my breath until they scramble to their feet. I probably spend way too much time trying to photograph them.  Do you know how hard it is to photograph moving objects?  I love that they both were wearing black helmets..it was much easier to keep track of them.

They won their game, but even if they hadn't they would have lined up to bump fists with the refs, the coaches and the opposing team..one thing that they have learned by playing a team sport is teamwork and sportsmanship.  Oh ya, and you should always have an extra hair band!

Hockey= Invented by boys, perfected by girls:) 


  1. Brrr-midji...that's what we call it to this day. 11 years ago my husband interviewed for a job there (in February and we went house hunting. We trudged through waist deep snow...and froze our patooties off. My middle boys and your grand girls would have probably been buddies! But we decided to stay put...farther south where we could be a few degrees warmer!

  2. Connie, I have been watching the Olympics and so far haven't gotten to see any of the women's games, although I learned that the US women are really good! I'm enjoying the Olympics very much.

  3. That is great. Girls can play sports just as well as the boys. They are fun to watch. I only have one grandgirl and she will probably be a basketball player. Her dad played in the NBA and is 7 foot tall. I am sure she is going to be tall like him and will be recruited to play hoops. We don't have girl's hockey around here. Whatever she chooses I will be sitting on the sidelines watching.

  4. You go girls! I would love to have the coordination to just skate and if I did, I would certainly want to be able to body check someone---but not be on the receiving end.

  5. I love hockey, I got to actually go to a Mallards hockey game when i lived back home!

  6. Great job GIRLS!!!! I believe that girls can do everything just as well as boys!


  7. How fun!! What a different world than when I grew up...there were no girls'hockey teams back then!

  8. you go girls!

    I was reading a blog where someone mentioned they didn't know that girls played hockey until they watched this years olympic coverage. I should send them over here!

  9. My Bet always wanted to play hockey but we don't have very many places to do that around here, not a big sport for the PNW. None of my girls wanted to play soccer like I did, it really changed from when I played.

  10. Wow those girls have grown! --- And yeah for girls hockey!

  11. Great hockey shots. And you said it all: ... it is perfected by girls!

    Love it!

  12. You go girls! Girls rule, obviously in hockey too! Great shots Connie!

    God bless and have a glorious day!!!

  13. I bet you love watching the girls and I would be holding my breath right there too!! Great pics!!


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