Saturday, February 20, 2010

Bucket List Update

I first wrote about my bucket list in January of 2008. Here is the list:

"The Bucket List" has spurred me on to make my own proverbial list before I kick the bucket.

#1 Go for a ride in a convertible, with sun glasses on and a long scarf blowing in the wind..this should not take place in sub zero Minnesota weather..picky aren't I ?
#2 Go to a Beach Boys or Moody Blues concert..The Bee Gees would have made this list..but Maurice kicked the bucket.
#3 Play in a World Series of Poker Tournament
#4 Go for a cruise in the Caribbean ...and not hear one complaint from Far Guy
#5 Go to Finland for a Sauna
Nope none of that sky diving, race car driving for me..I am going to wait until I get Alzheimer's to do those things.....:) What would be on your list?

Then In August of 2008 my niece Ellen gave me a ride in her convertible. Here is the story!

Then in July of 2009, Far Guy, Chance and I were in the "pee-raid" and I spent the afternoon in a convertible.

Did you notice anything? I seem to be stuck on number one. I am like a record stuck on an old phonograph, like a car stuck in a snowbank spinning it's wheels, like a little kid with his tongue stuck to a pump in the middle of the winter, like someone in know like in the old movies..someone gets stuck in the quicksand..then the music changes..and the hero comes riding up on his white horse in his white hat and ropes you in the first try and drags your sorry butt out of the quicksand pit.

Far Guy often makes lists, he actively works on them to see them to completion. He says I am not actively pursuing the things on my list..maybe not..maybe that is what is nice about my list..I am just waiting for life to happen..and to see if any of it just happens to be on my bucket list.  If I am stuck repeating number one, one more time I will just cross it off the list ( the third time is a charm) ..and put something else in it's place:)  


  1. Well if you ever get to number 3 and win that poker tournament you can buy your own convertible and ride in it anytime. As a matter of fact, with all that money you can buy a fleet of convertibles - a different color for each day of the week. My list is too ambitious. I probably won't accomplish any - lol - at least I got a blog post out of it:)

  2. Hi Far, glad you liked the Taurus tour. I didn't know about the cataracts. The world must look so much sharper now. My daughter enjoyed the Bucket List movie but I never thought what mine would be. Now that you bring it up, I'd love to drink tea at a small teahouse in China and hike somewhere in the Arctic. Good topic!

  3. When are you leaving for Vegas? :) I'll meet you there!

    The Duchess

  4. This made me smile :)
    The Moody Blues...ooh that would be awesome, I have loved them all of my days, or at least it seems though.
    I need to give some thought to my own 'bucket list' and hope my bucket doesn't spring any leaks before then !
    Great post...

  5. One thing I thought about when I read Rae's list, and now yours, is that long ago I wanted to accomplish an advanced degree at a university. Now that seems silly, since I can't even imagine what I would learn that would be useful to me now! I have had tea in a small teahouse in China, and I've traveled plenty, although haven't hiked in the Arctic I don't have much desire to. The hikes are beautiful here in the PNW. Maybe win the lottery would do it for me.

  6. I am happy to say that I did see the Bee Gees in concert in Atlanta around the early 80's. My friend Amy and I went and just thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. I have a blog friend who lives in Ireland and I would love to see the rural part of the world she lives in if I could magically appear and not have to travel to get there. It is so very pretty and she lives in a centuries old home that she and hubby are renovating. Sounds charming to me!!! I sure did enjoy this post and also Rae's bucket list.

  7. Oh baby, ya'll need a new bucket a bad as I do! Heeehehe! I would like to see my Children's books published that I've written.

    God bless and have a terrific day!!!

  8. A LOT on your list is get moving! :-)

  9. Being the curious cat that I am I looked up the MB concert schedule (that would be my choice over BB) and it appears you would have greater chances than I of seeing them, and see them you would now with your new eye sight. I think you should pick up some tickets and go for it. If Far Guy is better at workin' his list why doesn't he help you with yours and buy you a ticket or two? And number four definitely sounds like it is in his corner.

    I would love to help you with your bucket list so that you could add even more things to it but unfortunately I'm not sure what I could do for you, oh wait, the BB are playing in Snoqualmie, if you come to the concert you stay at our farm! Does that help a little? Have a good Sunday!

  10. Love the old rusty bucket photo!

    If you ever change your mind and decide to come to Sweden for a sauna... let me know!

  11. Everyone should have a bucket list : )

  12. I saw the Beach Boys preform in Cincinnati back in the 80's....loved the beach balls flying around. I need to get to work on my bucket list.

  13. I've never written a bucket list--but maybe I should give it a try. It seems we never work on those lists until we think we see the end in sight (like the movie, which was really good), but, truth is, we never really know, do we?

  14. I'd like to finish a book I've started and get it published or a short story. Something! Anything! I've also always wanted to take a horseback riding vacation - go riding in Ireland or Spain. I'd love to take a riding lesson with some fancy European instructor, although they'd probably laugh at me. I've also wanted to learn how to drive a motorcycle but that might be one to save for when someone wants to ship me off to a nursing home.


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