Friday, January 15, 2010

Working My Butt Off

After a week of Physical Therapy and doing all of my exercises religiously my shoulder is showing some improvement. It no longer keeps me awake ALL night long. I have a new exercise that is a real killer, you take a towel and sling it over your back and then grab it behind your back with your bad arm..and then draw that arm up the center of your back. UFFda..sometimes I say bad words. Mike the Physical Therapist thinks I may have a frozen googling that one for me..cause I bet it is something I cannot recover from in just a few weeks of therapy.

We have an area upstairs..actually it is my area for this and that and "junk." This area is suppose to have built in single beds for the grands..eventually.  I have a queen size mattress that came out of a motor home, they plop it on the floor and they line up like cord wood on will hold at least three of them!  Somehow Far Guys Elliptical ended up in my area..along with his dreaded scale.  The exercise area upstairs is getting more popular. Chance loves that people come over to exercise.. I guess the area upstairs just evolved one torture machine at a time. First the Elliptical, then Jo said "I don't really have room for my Total Gym..we should bring it over to you.. I could use it at your house! "
Then Stacey said, "I have my Moms ( she who sees Robins first)  old treadmill, Mom said you might want it, if you don't want it then we are taking it to the dump. " So my junk area has been transformed to an exercise area.  If you take a Sauna after you exercise we could be considered a SPA!

We could use a stationary bike..that is one that the Physical Therapist suggests. I will keep an eye out for some different equipment at garage sales.  The other day as I was walking through the Physical Therapy Gym, I wondered what they do with all their old equipment?? I also saw a person getting a back-rub with a thing on a roller..I asked Mike what I had to do to myself to get a back-rub like that..he said "Have a heart attack." Guess not. I have eight minutes while Mike does the ultra sound treatment on my shoulder to pick his brain. I am certain that I am just the highlight of his entire day!

He has a Gordon Setter named Murphy! A dog person! I showed him one of Chances photographs. Now I try not to talk the entire time.. and this is what I have learned from Mike. Some things I knew..somethings I just needed to have validated by a professional...and since I have him captive while he does my ultrasound treatment I am going to get my moneys worth.

Water is important in your diet.
When you exercise you should vary your routine..or your body gets used to it.
Take a day off and do some other type of physical activity that you don't normally do.
It is easier for men to lose weight than women.
Diet and Exercise are the only key to weight loss.
Give yourself a day off from your diet too.
Keep your body guessing what you are going to be doing will increase your metabolism.
Always eat breakfast...never ever skip breakfast.
Count your calories..if it touches your lips write it down ( I am not doing this yet..I am just thinking about it)
Keep on keeping on..even if you don't see anything positive happening on the scale..eventually you will.( I asked him how long do you have to wait?.. It varies.)

I can now do my two miles on the elliptical in less than 24 minutes..but it is not pretty.  I am thinking of doing two sessions a day.. I may as well live in my shorts and exercise bra until spring gets here. I am thinking that next summer will probably not be the summer of the bikini.  Perhaps the trip to the nude beaches in the South of France is just a pipe dream..  but you never fat is getting firmer:)


Nezzy (Cow Patty Surprise) said...

Nude beach? Heeheehe! I LOVE it. Only you could take the pain and turn it into a hilarious read. It really does sound like you are making great progress no matter what those dang scales say. Muscle weights more than fat but it also burns many more calories than fat, so you go girl. Who knows, maybe bikinis and Nude beaches are in your future.

Have a great day and may God bless it!!!

Emma Rose said...

LOL! Oh how I wish I lived closer! I am so jealous of your "Private Health Club". Keep up the good work - glad your shoulder is improving.

The Duchess

West Side of Straight said...

2 miles! You're doing great!

Nancy/BLissed-Out Grandma said...

Good for you on toning up, and establishing a whole gymnasium right at home.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Nezzy - only you could take something so painful and make us see the humor in it. Glad you are feeling some improvement. I am happy to know I won't be the only one w/o a bikini this summer!!!

DJan said...

I think, no, I KNOW I never once wore a bikini and never would anyway. They just show what's wrong not what's right. A health club in your own house is pretty awesome, Connie!! Can I come on over?

Pamela said...

you won't be seeing robins first on that machine.
But at least you are walking.

I'm so totally out of routine. Maybe after I get rid of this tooth and the infection I'll feel more like exercising again.

Lynda said...

Two miles on the elliptical is to be admired! That machine works some major muscles - - especially when you first start out.
On the frozen shoulder - - I have not done internet research but there are people in our church who have "unfrozen" a shoulder with physical therapy - - and then there are some who needed surgery to unfreeze it.
Thanks for the fun update!

LadyFi said...

LOL! I love your exercise area.. and you are already have the sauna so you are nearly a spa!

Anonymous said...

I'd join you at your private health spa too so you could whip my butt into shape. I can't say as I have much fondness for my torture machines here...your's look better ;)

Rae said...

**Applause** Good for you. It takes a lot of determination to stick with an exercise program. You are doing great. Maybe I will see you on the cover of a makeover magazine next year.

Girl Tornado said...

Good for you! I didn't know you needed PT for your shoulder, but then, I have been absent from the bloggy world for the last month or so?? Sounds like you are doing great, and I wish you the best of luck to continue... you have more gumption than I do these days. My heart's just not into an exercise regiment right now. :-( And I even have a TotalGym myself. And an Olympic weight bench. *sigh*

L. D. said...

I am going to start decking down two pounds at a time. I am just above what I use to think was my critical weight and have been there for quit some time. The rowing machine is ancient but it works. I am keeping the number small so if I can keep it down two pounds for a week or two, I work on two more. You have a scary upstairs. I think I would put a counter at the bottom of the stairs for people to pay their fee to enjoy natural wood siding and a good view too.

laurie said...

good for you for working so hard. i have a friend who had a frozen shoulder and yes, it takes a long time..... but she is fine now. she, too, worked hard.
writing down everything you eat is a very good idea. it's the only way i can get myself to eat less. i am so shocked by seeing the truth laid out before me.

gayle said...

Wow sounds like you are doing a great job!!! Thanks for picking his brain...great info