Tuesday, January 26, 2010


I like these kind of cats. This one happens to be Uncle Archies mouser. I took it last Summer before my vision started to become blurry.

I have Cataracts in both eyes. My right eye has become particularly fuzzy. I no longer drive at night, and if it is a sunny day I don't drive either. I drive on cloudy days only...Far Guy loves to be my chauffeur anyway. Christmas was pretty interesting the nighttime lights were awesome..when you have cataracts every little light at night takes on a starry appearance..and appears larger than normal, sometimes a half a dozen lights seem to appear...it is like your eyes have gone nuts with lights.  Shopping inside a store with overhead lights is almost painful, the light bounces around so much that I have to squint to see. It has been very frustrating for me not to see the television clearly...I have become a good listener..often times just "watching" TV whilst my eyes were closed. I know, I know, I should have been on top of this situation but I had to wait six weeks for an eye appointment, then I had to wait four weeks to see the specialist..then I have had to wait four weeks to be scheduled for the surgery, so from the time I said "I cannot take this anymore" ..three months have passed.  I am looking forward to tomorrow and the beginning of seeing properly again..hopefully. I have heard more positive reports about this Doctor than I have heard negatives..only one negative..it was a big bad negative in that the individual lost her eyesight totally in one eye. I guess that is why they only do one eye at a time.

Doncha just love this green foggy photo..I took it last June. My winter weary eyes search for green.

Am I scared..not really. I am a little freaked out that they are going to remove a part of me that I was born with and replace it all shiny and new.

I was curious what the risk factors were ..of course the first one is diabetes..nope. Family history..yup..both of my parents have had this same surgery, just so happens that this Doctor did their surgeries too.  Working in the sunshine, duh..the years in the greenhouse follow me everywhere. Smoking..yes I guess the free radicals that it creates helped to cause the cataracts, and just because I guit..it doesn't make a difference.   Age..now what can I do ABOUT THAT ONE? None of the other risk factors apply to me ..corticosteroids use..nope, previous eye injury or eye surgeries..nope. Exposure to ionizing radiation..I am not sure what that is..but I probably have not done it. I was first diagnosed with one cataract in 2004.  In 2008 I wrote about cataracts..in a blog post called OLE ( Old Lady Eyes).  

  This is about what I see..everything is blurry.  Good thing I don't drive anymore  ..eh??

The good news..half of you out there in blog land will be joining me by the time you are sixty-five. You probably don't consider that good news..oK OK..I will go first and l give you a full report. I understand that I should see better the day following the surgery.  In time I possibly won't need glasses..except for reading. I have never been able to see without glasses, I am blind as a bat.  They used to call my glasses coke bottles.  Plastic Lenses were such an improvement for me.  I sleep with my glasses on..I have done this for years..Glasses 24/7 ..so this could all be an adjustment for me. My surgery will take place sometime tomorrow..they haven't even called with a time yet.   I will catch you all on Thursday..Wistful Wednesday will go on as usual, thanks to the delayed posting options!  I am going to be just fine..:)  


  1. I just found this post, Connie wishing you a super speedy recovery.

    Thinking, and praying for you. Everything will go fine, and we are looking forward to having you back in fine form.

    Take good care of yourself during recovery, and beyond.

    Biggest hugs!!!!


  2. I'll be praying for a successful eye surgery for you. Exciting though really, new site! Wow! So is seeing the lights at night anything like looking at them without your glasses on? And to eventually see like a real person, too weird for me to think on, both Dirt and I are major nearsighted, oddly enough not one of our four girls needed glasses. Have a good and restful day today and a successful surgery tomorrow.

  3. Sorry you have to go through this, but you will be SO happy when you get it done. Most people I know said it is like having your childhood back they can see so well with the implanted lens....
    Love your pictures!
    Take care and "see you" on the other side of your procedure!!!!

  4. Take care and I'm looking forward to some sharp-eyed photos and even more wacky humour from you in the future!

  5. We will be praying for you all day. I just know you will be fine. However, I am not so sure about the doctors and nurses! LOL. Be nice to them Far Side :)

    Emma Rose

    PS Your comment about the brave pill sent the Duchess into spasms of laughter! She's going to take pictures just for you!

  6. Hi Connie, I will be praying for you too. You are a dear friend and I wish the very best outome from the surgery. Take good care of yourself and update us when you can.

  7. I hope it goes well for you! I too am about half blind and rarely drive, although no cataracts yet. Hope you are soon seeing the world as if it was all new and beautiful.

  8. Yes you'll come thru this w/fly colors! I would be a little nervous too.

  9. Sorry to hear this, I will be thinking about you. Get well soon. I just got some tin type photo's I want you to see, so will post them when you get back to blogging.
    Hugs Patsy

  10. I will never forget my husband's face when he walked into the sunshine after getting his first eye done! He was like a kid with a brand new toy! And he had to wait six months for the second eye because his cataract in that eye wasn't as bad. He was nervous, but it was all worth it. Wore pop bottle type glasses his whole life, but now he only wears glasses when he drives! Doesn't need them for the computer, to read, it's GREAT!!!

  11. You will do fantabulous. I know you will breeze right through it without a bit of trouble. Gone are the days when it was a troublesome procedure - now it is easier than having a tooth pulled. Just think of all the sights you can focus on after it is done. You might not even recognize Far Guy :D
    I will hold you in my thoughts tomorrow dear friend. Give us a good report because I think I will be soon facing it too.

  12. Sorry you have to do this but you will be so glad you did. My little 82 year old MIL tested 20/20 after both her eyes were done. She as always wore glasses and were just part of her so she insisted on glasses anyway. We bought new frames and she has clear lenses in them and is a happy camper again. I will pray that yours goes just as well, I'm confident it will.

    God bless you and give you sweet rest tonight and peaceful calmness tomorrow.

  13. I have two friends that have been through this and they couldn't be happier. Both of them said it was a piece of cake, which surprised them totally. Its in my future too....the dr. says I just don't have them bad enough for surgery yet. Sending good wishes your way.....you're going to be just fine! Get well soon!

  14. Good luck Connie. I will pray for a successful surgery and you recover quickly. I hope you do well and can see well soon! Good luck! Hugs!

  15. Good Luck Connie. I will add you to my prayers and hope that you will be seeing perfectly in no time!

  16. I am going to repeat the piece of cake comment. I am expecting to go in the next couple of years and have it done. I want my lens replaced at the same time. I am so nearsighted that no other surgery will work for me. I hope you get along ok. More people who had it done the old fashion way many years ago had horrible results, including my father in law, but today, my mom was in and out and home two different days and she was gleefully back playing bridge the next day.

  17. Here's to a great recovery!! I love fog in pictures...gives them an ethereal feel!

  18. Will be thinking of you and the pictures are just beautiful!

  19. I have "old lady eyes" too. I found that after my surgery I could see far distances wonderfully. But now have to use glasses more for close up and reading. I found that my eyes don't focus for close anymore. But that's the price to pay for age. None of the things that you mentioned (or my doctor) have to do with mine ... just old age. But it's easy ... so to speak. I was able to talk to my doctor while he did the surgery - but couldn't see him.

    I'm glad I did it ... but still use Norm for chauffeur most of the time ... or sister Candy or daughter Joy. I've gotten lazy about driving.

  20. It is a very common surgery now, unlike just a few short years ago.

    Your doc could probably do this with his eyes closed, but I am hoping he doesn't.

    This such a wonderful gift they are giving you(I know you will have to pay) but just imagine...to see clearly again, that is the gift.

    Good luck, I know you will be fine.

  21. My Dad has his done and he was DELIGHTED! My mother-in-law had hers done and was disappointed, she missed her glasses. Like you she wore them forever. She still gets to wear them when she reads.

    Good Luck!


  22. one of the reasons I'm not watercoloring much -- I just can't see it so well anymore...


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