Thursday, January 21, 2010

Hoar Frost and Updates

We only had one day of hoar frost..I was hoping for a double didn't happen ..or perhaps I did not get up early enough to capture it.

Far Guy kindly offered to drive, and Chance was the co pilot. We headed by a few of my favorite places.

I have photographed this barn in all seasons, I visited with the owner a few days ago..his wife has a bum shoulder too, however it is her left..between us we make one good woman. She is doing physical therapy too.

I had a very difficult physical therapy session last week that set me back. Mike tried to break up all the scar tissue in my shoulder through deep was very painful..and remained that way until today. I had another ultra sound treatment yesterday..the plan is to keep doing ultrasound and to continue with my exercises until my Orthopedic appointment in mid February..and then see if they want to give me another steroid injection. My shoulder is better, I have less bra emergencies, and I can put my coat on without shedding even one tear. this is progress..I have not cut my hair all off, I am getting more proficient brushing it with my left arm!

I always stop at this bunch of barbed wire for a photo..

The farm where I was born and raised is in the background. I have many different views of the old farm. Someday, I think I might like to try to paint one of these views.

My brother and I in 1959, enjoying our own swimming pool on a warm summer day.
My brother, Carey and his beautiful wife who is a Cancer survivor will be arriving later today. They live in Oregon and are coming back to do a little Ice Fishing with a friend. They will all be staying with us. We had some really fun outings planned..but it sounds as though they may be bringing a winter storm with them we will take things one day at a time. I think it has been just about two years since they have been back here for a visit. I am looking forward to arguing with him..just like old times..actually we get along quite well. I am the talker and he just nods his head and yawns:)


  1. We've had that hoar frost several days, too. It's so beautiful but is also dangerous. We now have dense fog (again) and slippery, slipper roads.

    Stay safe!

  2. What is hoar frost? Your snow pictures are beautiful. Hard to believe in the spring there will be all kinds of color.

    Sorry to hear your shoulder is giving you fits. I sure hope the physical therapy will help you to get back to normal.

  3. Becca, Radiation frost (also called hoar frost or hoarfrost) refers to the white ice crystals, loosely deposited on the ground or exposed objects, that form on cold clear nights when heat losses into the open skies cause objects to become colder than the surrounding air.

    Hoar frost doesn't happen very often..conditions have to be just right for the heavy frost to does look like a dusting of snow..but it is prettier than snow:)

  4. You and your bro are just too darn cute in your little tub, oops swimming pool. I took a bath in one of these for many years growin' up.

    Now as beautiful and dangerous as Hoar frost can be don't ya'll think we should start a campaign to rename it. As a kid the first time I heard the term I felt my jaw drop to the floor. I did then and still do today think the name just sounds NASTY! Now is that so or is it just me. Just sayin.......:o)

    Have a terrific day!

  5. That barn shot is rather exceptionally gorgeous!

    You could make a calendar of the barn throughout the seasons.


  6. We are driving through hoar frost but I'm afraid it's turning into freezing rain.....
    Great pictures btw

  7. Your frosty photos are beautiful. A hoar frost is spectacular to see in person. It's been a few years since we have had one.
    I like your "swimming pool' picture. Washtub swimming must have been popular in the 50's. I have a picture taken of me sitting in one too.

  8. Those frosty photo's are pretty nice. I have never been in or seen a "hoar frost" other than the photo's I see. It must be pretty to see, even though it probably creates a problem. The Frost around here can get a bit heavy, but nothing like that.

    Getting into a #10 Washtub is something that I probably did when I was that age, but just don't remember it. If us kids wanted to go swimmin' we'd go down to the local ole' Canal or jump into the River. Did not have a swimmin' pool back then.

  9. Pictures are beautiful - enjoyed your take on the red barn (I have a few too but not at that angle - beautiful!) Love the old tub picture!
    Enjoy your company...

  10. Isn't that red barn just a "pop" of color with the white frost. Love it. Also the pine cone! Have a great visit.

  11. I'm visiting from Rae's blog. I love the photos of the hoar frost and that last photo is just adorable! Now THAT one would be worth painting! Hope your shoulder gets better soon. That is not fun! Been there - done that!

  12. I split the muscle in the back of my calf of my leg while carrying boxes of clay. On the day that he tried to take out the scar tissue by stretching and beating on it, I just cried. I had been warned by a coach he was going to do it, but I didn't have an idea how awful that was going to be. I really like your red barn and the wash tub is a cool shot. I found so really old pictures today that I will share, from your inspiration. Enjoy your company, I hope you can feel better for their visit.

  13. Such pretty photos of the frost.
    I used to "swim" in a washtub just like the one you and your brother are in!
    Hope you have fun with your family and hope your shoulder continues to improve. Take care.

  14. Beautiful pictures. I am glad you are doing better.

  15. I love your pictures. The barn is amazing. And the "swimming pool" made me laugh. How wonderful to have your brother there from Oregon. Wish we could get out of Oregon! (I spent some time looking at farms in Idaho today online- just dreaming!)
    I hope your shoulder improves soon. Pain is no fun.

    Emma sends kisses for Chance (and Elvis!)

  16. SUPER pictures of the hoarfrost...isn't it the BEST to photograph???? I had some on my blog today too!!!

  17. Love the pictures...especially the one of you and your brother!!

  18. Love hoar frost, they are just about the coolest (no pun) thing ever, certainly in the top of the top cool things list.

    Had a ton of fun catching up. The whole ice fishing thing just sounds way too fun, always wish we lived in a super cold place where people do that sort of thing but then again I get to weed this time of year, ah choices.

    Glad to hear that the shoulder is getting a little better, sorry the treatments are painful, looking forward to full recovery for you.

    But now I am a bit cold from seeing those nearly naked children in a metal tub in the middle of all that winter!

  19. To see real snow is one of my dream project.. those pictures just made me promise myself that I will do it someday. Lovely pictures Connie.
    I am a Breast Cancer survivor of 13 years and soon I will be celebrating my 14th cancerversary. Give a hug to your SIL from me ...

  20. Oh my - you two in that tin bath are just gorgeous!

    Lots of hoar frost here - so beautiful but I'm a little crazier than normal because we haven't seen the sun for weeks!

  21. We are finally melting some. YEAH! Then rain and freezing, but a hint of spring. Love your shots.


  22. we've had very little hoar frost this year. Today it is 41 degrees and raining. I'm hoping that means snow in the mountains.

    A good therapist!! Yeah!!


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