Saturday, July 9, 2016

Adam: One eye on Grandma

Our Grandson Adam doesn’t like my camera.  When he was younger he used to ask me “Why do you take so many photos of me?”  The answer was the same then and now…because you make me smile.

One eye on grandma

Keeping one eye on Grandma!

He was trying his best to hide behind that punch cup at the baby shower.  (He is getting a new baby girl cousin on his Dad’s side of the family.)

He made a baby block with me.

Baby Shower Blocks

Wooden blocks, decoupage and bits of paper make blocks to decorate the new babies room.

I was finally rewarded with a real smile.


I got this smile because he found out he could escape the baby shower a bit early with his Grandfather and I.

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  1. Baby showers are a girl thing!

  2. Good looking young man! :-)

  3. All your Grands are good looking!

    Shirley H.

  4. You do some really cool things with your grandkids. You also spend some quality time with them. They will remember it.

  5. Aren't grandsons sweet and special. I bet Adam is a joy to be with.

  6. And you can use this picture as proof that he loves you all bunches because of the genuine happiness/joy behind that smile. It shines through his beautiful eyes!

  7. Nice looking grandson. Mine doesn't like posing for pictures either. What a good idea, to make baby blocks, for a shower activity!

  8. He is a really nice guy who appreciates this time as they go away to soon to higher schooling.

  9. Grandsons have to be long-suffering when it comes to having their pics taken. The girls don't seem to mine near as much.

  10. My grandson hates my camera too.

  11. Adam is so handsome and you can tell he loves you and Far're great in wonderful grandparents.


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