Tuesday, November 1, 2011


We had nine little goblins!


A Werewolf, a Ladybug and a Witch! ( The Werewolf and the Ladybug live next door.)


Ironman, Scooby Do and a Commando!   These three live next door too.

Aubrey showed me her tail.


She went back to preschool yesterday, the first time since the surgery to repair her palate.  She can make new sounds now, so with Speech Therapy her vocabulary should blossom..she is already much easier to understand!

Then Superwoman arrived!


She brought her sisters..Snow White and a Pink Puppy!

Brooke Olivia and Haley

The Pink Puppy was busy going up and down the stairs.  I told her it was a rule to sit down while going down..that lasted a couple of times.



Her Father was kept busy following her up and down.

It was a fun evening, the little ones are always so excited.  It is nice that my nieces and nephews bring their children by to see the old folks in the neighborhood. 

We have left over candy..what to do what to do..

IMG_7361 A few of you wondered how Jen got the centers in the A, P, and O’s in her Happy Halloween Pumpkins..I believe that she has the small parts skewered into place:)

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  1. I sure want to cuddle that cute little pink puppy! She's so adorable, but then again, all of them are. Thank you so much for sharing your goblins and ghosts with me!

  2. Now that is one happy Halloween!

  3. Yay, such fun. We had no ghosts or goblins last night.

  4. My little granddaughter is about the age of the pink puppy. they are so cute at that age. :)

  5. Such cute "goblins". Thanks for sharing :)

  6. So cute!
    We had one. Neighbor kids didn't even show...

  7. The only hand that went into the candy bowl here on the Ponderosa was Hubs.

    ....and I smacked it...smacked it hard, baby! Heeehehehe!!

    Your little spooks are sooo cute, guess we're gonna have to hire some. :o)

    God bless and have a glorious day!

    Whatever will we do with the leftover candy??? MMmmmmmm.....

  8. These cuties brought a smile to my face this a.m. So, you have a werewolf next door, huh??

    Enjoy your day and hugs to Chance.

  9. Leftover candy. With all those kids? ;)
    I had a lot of leftover candy, too. I think we had maybe 10 kids. A 90% drop over last year.
    Guess they didn't see the porch light for the trailer parked in the driveway. Oh well.
    Hubby took our leftovers to work.
    The unopened bag may go to the local bank or nursing home.

    The kids were all adorable. Thanks for sharing the pictures with us!

  10. What wonderful costumes : far better than the few which came to my door last night.

  11. Cute kids and they do love to dress up for the event.

  12. Awww... what cute cute visitors!

  13. All soo cute. Wonderful photos. A good time was had by all thats great. Have a wonderful day.

  14. I love seeing the costumes the little ones are dressed in. I don't even mind the teens if they wear a costume and make an effort. we had about 40 kids this year. Down a little from last year. It started raining about 7:30pm though.

  15. I want to pinch their juicy little cheeks. :-)


  16. You sure were blessed with some cuties! We didn't have anyone come to the door!

  17. Just adorable...every single one! They put a smile on my face, for sure.
    Love your header photos too!

  18. I thought the werewolf was cute but those young ones in the next picture are too adorable. You are blessed to have them so close by. I just want to hug them all - - - can you tell I am ready for grandchildren?

  19. We actually had 3 tricker treaters this year, astounding. Since we live in a condo, we were quite shocked, but pleasantly to hear them pounding on the door.

    It's about time this building gets some Halloween spirit in it, other then the ghosts of the old timers.

    Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams

  20. Ahh! Skewers! That was one of my thoughts. :)
    They are all so sweet! I had zero kids this year. That happens sometimes. Never get very many at all even when I do have a few. Times have certainly changed.

  21. Thanks for sending some of your treaters over - they said we are now on the roster! They all sure were cute - I will see Lineman Son this weekend and put a bug in his ear about the cottonwood bark... think most of the projects in the woods have been removing brush and some nasty weed that grows down there... we have a busy weekend coming up - keeping an eye on the so called snowstorm coming...

  22. It is fun to have the kids make a special trip ! Makes me feel "special" too

  23. AAAW, we didn't have a one. and too sick to go in to see all the kids in town, so I gotta say, I'm just a bit jealous, but mostly very glad for you and your sweet family.


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