Saturday, November 5, 2011

Computer Woes, Works and Word

Far Guys computer has been on deaths door for over a year.  He has been babying it along.  It has been in the repair shop, he has replaced the power supply three or four times over the past six years.

I bought the laptop so we would have an extra computer if we needed one and when we go away from home it is really nice to have our own computer.

My last desktop lasted eleven was kinda repaired once..and was really getting slow.  Now it is upstairs loaded with games for the Grand's to play. 

When Far Guys computer crashed..he took it to the repair shop.  She said “ It is not worth repairing, a capacitor was bulging and who knows what else.”

Far Guy was sad.  He told me “Well I guess I can bring your old computer down stairs and use that one for awhile.”  Can you hear the nickel  squealing yet?

He used my laptop for a few was not a pretty site..he had it hooked up to his monitor. Every time he went to type he brought out his keyboard..and cussed because nothing was showing up on the screen.  For a short time one day he thought about taking the laptop apart, so that he could get rid of the that screen…he restrained himself.

His new computer came in two days.  It has a wireless mouse and a wireless keyboard..and I think it is probably nicer than the new desktop I got last June.  He let me pick out his computer and we consulted with my baby brother who works for HP…hopefully this computer will serve his needs well.  He watches music videos, plays games and keeps the moderators  in Yahoo news on their toes. 

The computer repair gal made a disc for him of all his photos and data.  Most everything I had backed up to my simple save anyway.

For some reason..he had Works on his old computer.  I only have Word on mine.  So I cannot read some of his files..and I cannot read some of the files from the museum that were created in Works that I have in dropbox.

I am not sure what the solution is yet.  I tried one of those free luck.  I think I must need to purchase Works.

We are now a five computer household..and there are only two of us living here.  I have the Historical Museums laptop that I use to write their blog with.  I keep it updated and use it once a week. 

The computer repair gal says “ The new computers are meant to be disposable..three years is about all you will get out of them.”  I am not sure that I agree with her..but what do I know?  Years ago when Far Guy said we needed a computer..I said “Really?  Do you suppose it is just a passing fad?”

Well we need a pretty picture..because I had a friend once who said no post was complete without a pretty picture.


Beautiful Begonias from last summer:)

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  1. I had to smile because we are a couple of seniors with five computers, too. And all of them still work. That three years thing is probably true, but my trusty laptop is twice that old and going strong. (I'm whispering because I don't want it to hear.) :-)

  2. New computers are fun because they just fly with speed. We become accustomed to putting up with the idiosyncrasies of our old machines. I remember the price of our first computer - - - and am too embarrassed to tell how much we paid - - - - more than we should have - - - but like VCRs, they were expensive when they first came out.

  3. Mother are you listening? Save your files in Rich Text Format "RTF" and then you can open them no matter where they were created or where you are opening them. Problem solved.

  4. Word should open Works files anyway...

    Scratches my head... I know I have several unused copies of Works lying around somewhere...

  5. Good grief, five computers. I have one and it is at least 8 years old. I just take it into
    Gabe once a year, he cleans it up and it continues to run like a top. A lap top would be nice in my sewing room but that would mean getting an embroidery attachment for my sewing machine, does it ever end? At age 79 I think I will just be happy with what I have. Enjoying your blog.

  6. Love the begonias, feel the pain about the computer. s. I was given a bran' new computer to do a job for a good friend. The computer is supposedly fancy without many programs. I had to load my own Office program and Photoshop and I went to load Works (I miss my works calendar) but I was a ninny and didn't save the stinking code number along with the disc. I always forget that programs now ask for that code before you can install them... arg.

    The first time we upgraded computers from our desk top that we had for years, I was totally toasted for moving files, remotely easily that is, because we had let too much time lapse, the desk top used floppies and didn't have USB ports, not one. Floppies had gone to the wayside by the time my computer was so ill and so slow it was no longer a good thing. I learned a big lesson then, don't wait too long between upgrades. Now I've learned another lesson, if I think I will always love a certain program, save the twenty-one some odd digit code that is on the box.

    They seem like a hassle. Computers. But I really wonder what I would do without one. I'm too curious to live without Google now, a nineteen sixties set of encyclopedias just won't do any more. Not to mention my inability to communicate effectively with paper and pen and stamp. I'm sure I haven't improved in that area since getting email not to mention blogs.
    Thanks again for the shot of the begonias
    Oh and thank Jennifer for her advice. I'll take it.

  7. Got to laugh about the passing fad part of the post. We are now just coming into our 4th year of having a computer...why did we wait so long?

    We have a PC, and a laptop, love em both.

    Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams

  8. I had the same problem with files.....some on Word, Works and can open most on Open Office (free) except the database that I REALLY need NOT of have to redo.

  9. I am reminded of the following quotes:

    "There is no reason anyone would want a computer in their home." -- Ken Olson, president, chairman and founder of Digital Equipment Corp., 1977.

    "I think there is a world market for maybe five computers." -- Thomas Watson, chairman of IBM, 1943.

    It makes me sad that almost all of our gadgets seem to be built with planned obsolescence. Things just don't last like they used to :-(

  10. My condolences. Upgrades are painful in so many ways. This brave new world really keeps people from getting comfortable because everything seems to be disposable or worthless in five weeks or less.

  11. Mr. Maple's computer is on its last leg too! I never thought I would enjoy the computer like I do, but I would be so lonesome w/o it! That is a pretty photo - begonias, I think. Have a nice day and smooches to Chance from H.

  12. What a pretty picture! New computers are always delicious!

  13. Try Open Office. It's freeware and might be able to do what you need, Far Side.

    Computers only last 3 years if you have to have the latest and greatest to game and such.
    Otherwise, most computers will last until the parts to fix it cost more than a new one.

    Lovely begonias. :)

  14. I always think it's going to be easier next time. I'm going to know where all my programs are, and how to update and reconnect, etc. It never is. I still have WordPerfect files that should be available for carousel board archives, but Word no longer opens them and neither do any of the converters I've tried. Sigh. Still love my computers, though. Your picture of begonias is a good example of why I do.

  15. Love that color of Begonia. Verry pretty.

    I'm not a laptop kinda girl. I get too frustrated with not having a mouse. I have touse the desktop. We got our first computer in the mid 80s I believe. Terry is an EDS/HP guy too. My younger daughters were born in the early and mid 80s. This communicattion I still marvel over is taken for granted by them.

  16. Please pardon my last post. (where is the little x to edit or delete like facebook) The computer guy told me laptops are NOT meant to sit in your lap. That's crazy!

  17. This was a somewhat frightening post as I'm almost in the same boat as Far Guy was. I hate to think of a new machine and learning computer anew.

  18. I was used to having some older rejected computer or laptop around from my son and DIL for a backup...but each and every one of them finally died so now I am down to one laptop. It's not quite two years old. Better last for many more years!

    Love the flowers! :)

  19. We just got a new lap top a first for us. But it doesn't have word ...I suppose to use and put everything in a cloud. I DO NOT LIKE'm old-fashioned I like WORD!


  20. I will get a new laptop someday. The one I have is so old and I have a nice big screen attached to it and a keyboard for it. It doesn't travel. I know that it will die eventually so I try to save as much as I can on a regular schedule on CDs.


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