Sunday, November 13, 2011

Projects and Fall Cleaning

The windows are all washed!  It was a beautiful day yesterday..warm..almost 50 degrees.  I helped Far Guy haul and stack some wood and then he helped me wash the windows.  Teamwork.

Slowly I am getting some Fall housecleaning done and some projects completed.  I had to sneak in a few hours working for the museum this week, updating a phone and email list and sending out the invitations for the Christmas Party.  I also had a meeting..brainstorming fundraisers..which ones are worth a try..and which ones we should pass on. 

The Christmas Ornament carving project is coming along.  Not as fast as I would like but we still have time.  This project is not only hand carved but painted too.  I am an idiot.

My cousins and I are doing another quilt to keep on hand just incase.  We are supposed to cut strips of fabric in 2 1/2 inch strips, I washed the material and will attempt to cut some strips one of these days. (It involves measuring and cutting straight..both things that challenge me.)  We are all donating fabric and will put all the strips in a bag and the gals that sew will just grab them out of a bag and sew them will be what it will be.  I did not make a dent in my fabric stash..and I don’t even sew anymore.  The day we work on the quilt I will be a Aunt Anna will tell me exactly how to do it.

Which reminds me..I recently cleaned out the furnace/laundry room.  The ironing board was all dusty.  I grabbed it out of its hiding place and dust rabbits flew all over.  I had to vacuum it off before wiping it down.  I had to do the same thing with the iron.  Far Guy said “Maybe you should just toss it away?”  I said “Well it was a wedding gift.”  He said “Really? Who gave it to us?”   I have no idea..I could look it up.  The last time it was used..his sister drug it out..about five years ago.

I hate ironing..I used to do all Far Guys heavily starched military uniforms.  The Shelties hated the sound the metal sliding thingamabob on the ironing board would make when the ironing board was set up or taken down.  I could almost hear them barking… Chance doesn’t bark.. he rarely barks.  He whines sometimes..but he is really silent compared to the Shelties. They hated the vacuum cleaner too..they would bark and snap at it..  Funny what the sound of a thingamabob sliding on a 42 year old ironing board will remind you of.

Todays pretty picture.


Chance in the daisy’s last June :)

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  1. Yes, it's funny what a sound or a scent or a glance can trigger in the memory. Chance is such a good dog...and so handsome, too.

    Good luck with the quilt and the Christmas ornaments. Wear your special gloves for carving! ;)

  2. Dust rabbits - I like that, and I've seen a few of their cousins here - actually most of ours are what we refer to as the fourth cat (we have three, but they shed a new one ever couple of weeks).

    Hand carved Christmas ornaments - do show us some progress pictures.

  3. I just love Chance. If I were around I think all I'd get done is take his picture and give him fabulous hugs and a few treats in between.

  4. Yup the last time I used an iron and board was about 20 years ago and I threw it out dust bunnys and all. Cance you as handsome as ever Miggy sends kisses. Have a wonderful day !

  5. What a great picture of Chance.

    When you get your work done, come on by. I either need help or an overseer with a whip.

    I really love the quietness of the our Borders. When they bark, we know something's wrong.

  6. Are dust rabbits bigger than dust bunnies? That is a pretty picture.

  7. I'm in the process of cleaning too.....but with no help. Notshy isn't a barker but Kits gate chains especially. I hope you're using a rotary cutter for the strips and not the (*&^*(*& sissors you got when you were married;)))))

  8. I'm surprised you still have that iron around!

    We raked leaves yesterday (round #3 of about 10). After it rains it will not look like we raked at all.

    Oh - and I have my grandma's old ironing board. It does make a hideously loud squeak when it is opened, but for some reason I find that comforting.

  9. Oooh it is so scritchieeeeee. We have angora dust rabbits. They are loose and running a muck. This was a crazy weekend and so a rather crazy week last week, things just keep interrupting any flow of work Bet and I attempt, wonder what this week will be like? We really need to conquer the out and the in side of our life! But at least I can get to the washer and dryer, big accomplishment last week.

  10. Chance is always so pretty. :)

    I seriously doubt you are an idiot about anything, Far Side.

    I don't like ironing, either. When hubby retires, I may iron one thing for special occasions, but that will be all. ;-)

  11. Oh! Oh! That picture of Chance is just plain adorable. It's that time of year when your normally busy life becomes even more so! :-)

  12. Oh how well I can relate to the Sheltie barking at the vacuum...and the lawn mower, the leaf blower, the mailman, the school buses, the UPS man, the hair dryer, the broom and just about anything else that makes noise or moves. Riley is a brave barker, but will turn tail if you look at him cross eyed:) It would be nice to have a non-barker like Chance.

    I sure could use your energy. I need a bunch of that fall cleaning done around here.

  13. You mentioned fund raising! Fund raising spoils my participation in volunteer activities. I don't mind doing casinos.
    I think my wife remembers everything we got for wedding presents. I remember none?

  14. I love to iron. I iron even Terry's boxers and pillow cases. I do stop at sheets though.


  15. Really? You still have your original iron? Does it have a cloth-bound cord?

  16. I have my mother's ironing board. It was nicer than the cheap one I bought when we were first married. I have no idea how old it might be. But... it does squeak!
    I actually ironed one of hubby's shirts tonight! I had the iron and ironing board out because I've been sewing a bit. So... he has this shirt that is supposed to be wrinkle free... but isn't. I love the shirt's colors, so I ironed it for him!

  17. Want me to stop in and cut that fabric for you. I've got all the tools?

    I'd hate being the presser!

    I have to wear those white shirt so I had to drag out my wedding present from 41 years ago to iron them. LOL

  18. There a lady I once met who made Santa's out of old iron boards. The wooden ones. Maybe you could find something to do with it since it was a gift from way back when. Love the photos. Take care.

  19. Barney moans softly to beg for something. Usually it is for ice cubes to cool off with or treats that which certainly taste better that dog foo. He does bark in the house in the bay window when mean people and other enemies go by the house.

  20. I have a couple of fall chore things to do. Windows is one of them.

    I don't iron anymore. I won't buy anything that needs to be ironed. My daughters don't believe me when I say I remember standing at that ironing board for hours when I was a teen. My mother and I would take turns at it to get it all done. I don't know how my sister was spared, but, the funny thing is, now she irons everything she wears. So, I understand how you had your fill of it.

  21. Woohoo!!! Sounds like my kinda activities. Ya'll know how I love to clean.

    I just chased me some dust bunnies just yesterday. Cleaned the furnace, filters, vents, ceilin' fans. It's that time of year, huh?

    Ya know....Dust Bunny Season! heehehe!

    God bless and have a productive day my friend!!! :o)


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