Saturday, November 12, 2011

Out and About

One afternoon ( Wednesday Nov 08 before the snow..which melted! ) we went out and about for a ride.  Chance and I  were a little stir crazy.

There is ice on the river at the Dead Beaver Area.

Ice on the river at Dead Beaver area

This was taken at 4PM..the sun is on it’s way down.

Swans looking for a landing spot

We headed over to Guyles was frozen over.  A group of Swans came over looking for open water..they attempted to land and took off trumpeting.  You can see them off to the left by those two trees.

 Almost Full Moon

The moon was almost full.


The sun was retreating.


The turkeys were in the neighbors field scratching around for leftovers.   Chance opened his window..but he just watched and watched until the turkeys took off. 

We headed home in the twilight just before dark..and it wasn’t quite 5PM.  We thought we might see a deer or luck..we did see some hunters on their stands.  It has been quiet around here with very little shooting.  Two more days and  Deer Hunting season will be over:)

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  1. Beautiful photos. Nothing better then taking off some where and capturing nature! Have a wonderful day !

  2. Beautiful. Frozen over lake? We haven't come to that yet here!
    Gun deer hunting season starts here in a few days. That's when I stay out of the woods...

  3. Those are some beautiful photos!
    Give Chance a good neck rub and keep him away from the hunters. ;)

  4. Love your picture of the wild turkeys. I would have expected Chance to play with them, but he's not a puppy any more, I guess. Poor swans! They certainly didn't expect it to be frozen already.

    There was a frozen crust of water the other day in the bird bath, so I guess I'd better get out my heater to keep the water from freezing. It's that time of year.

  5. Brrrr - - -it is too cold too early for too long in your neck of the woods! Does Chance really open his own window - - - by accident or on purpose? Pretty cool.

  6. Similar happenings here (sans the swans and turkeys). Winter is gradually settling in around me.

  7. I love it when you share your rides with us; such pretty scenery. After lunch sometimes, we ride about 10 min. down the road to the lake. Like Chance, Harriet loves to look out of the car windows.
    Wishing you three a great weekend.

  8. Sunset is the best time to see so many things--shadows, light, wild creatures, beautiful sky---and you captured them all!

  9. You got some great shots. I'm going a little stir crazy after three whole days at I'm taking a load of junk to the dump this morning;)

  10. The Turkeys are just about on time for the Thanksgiving dinner. Great photo's.

  11. I enjoyed all the photos. You have had some really cold temps already in order to have ice on the lakes. It'll be awhile before we see ice around here. I like the sunsets in late autumn, but I dread the long dark nights that follow.

  12. Brrr, chilly. The photos capture the beauty and the ice, and the wild turkey photo is wonderful.

  13. Love your photos... but I am so not liking the early darkness.
    Glad that hunting season is almost over. It always makes me nervous!

  14. You certainly are in the prewinter stages. We have lost all our leaves now and it will stay stark looking until spring. I have ice on my fish ponds off an on now too.

  15. Ice already?? It's still very mild over here, but no doubt the temperatures will plummet pretty soon!

    It's dark by about 15.45 though - already!

  16. You always have such marvelous photos with your adventures sweetie.

    Ice on the's what ya live for isn't it??? At least the ice~fishermen. Woohoo!!!

    Have a blessed day Connie :o)


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