Friday, November 25, 2011


Tuesday I spent the day with my cousins.  It was a quilting project.  We each brought a half of a yard of fabric that was cut into 2 1/2 inch strips.

Fabric strips

It seems everyone had more than plenty of scraps.  These are Hilda’s.  We threw them all inside a paper bag and mixed them  up. Those who sewed were  supposed to blindly grab three pieces of fabric out of the bag and sew them together.   There were four cousins ( Geraldine, Diana, Evelyn and Hilda) that sewed the strips together. They are multi talented and can talk and sew all at the same time… and giggle.

strips of fabric sewn together

I pressed the seams all the same way and Kathy squared up the blocks and cut them to the correct size.  Aunt Anna did whatever needed doing..sewing..ripping out seams that were too fat..and squaring up squares.

Stacks of squares

Then they were sewed into long strips.


And finally a quilt emerged.

Almost finished  two rows left to go

This one had two more strips to be sewn on..but it was getting dark and it had been a long I came home.

Things heard at the gathering:

“How big of a quilt are we making?”   “We are just sewing all the fabric up.” “We have no idea.”  “Who knows?”

“What if we don’t have enough fabric?”  “Never fear I have more fabric stashed in the house.”  OR  “I can run home and get whatever we need.”

“What time is lunch?”  “Noonish..what time is it now?”  “12:30 ..time flies when you are having fun.”

Lunch was a feast..Roast Pork for sandwiches on homemade from scratch flat bread, two kinds of homemade soup..and enough bars to feed your sweet tooth for days.  I brought grapes and pumpkin bread.

The quilts..I think there are two in the full size and possibly a twin or a throw will be completed over the winter and they will be put away for a family in need or donated to a good cause:)

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  1. If I had a quilting group like yours, I'd certainly be able to quilt. But alas, I don't, so I end up buying things like you made up in a DAY! Wow! This is a great way to play together. And the results are so cool.

  2. What a fun cousin project!!! Don't think mine would be interested...all my Missouri Cousins are Alpha Males!!! Now target practice...that would be a whole different story. :o)

    I love the fact that ya'll have no idea how big the quilt will end up. It's gonna be a beauty though!

    God bless and enjoy your weekend sweetie!!!

  3. My kind'a day...!!
    The quilts are one of a kind and beautiful..!!


  4. What a fun time you all had and for such a great reason! We have a group at the church who just started a once a month meeting to make quilts to be given away on mission trips. Like you, their time flies by while they accomplish much - - and they, too, get to break for a delicious lunch. Many hands definitely get a lot accomplished in a short time - - - as well as lift us emotionally.

  5. Beautiful quilt. Sounds like a wonderful day.

  6. What a great idea, wish I were in a group like that!

  7. Sounds like fun and what a pretty quilt. The food sounds wonderful too! Enjoy the weekend.

  8. I love scrap quilts, I like the way all of the colors blend together. Makes me want to start sewing again.

  9. That's a fun thing to do together!
    Oh, and the food too:)

  10. That sounds like so much fun, what a great idea. I love the feeling of getting together and doing something good for someone else, and getting my Create on.

    Hmmmm now that I am moving up country, maybe I can start a group like this.

    Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams

  11. Great job! You were making more than quilts at the gathering: you were creating memories and securing the family bond.

  12. This sounds like so much fun. I would love to get together for something like this. Hmmm..... I'll have to see if I can recruit some wanna-be quilters!

  13. The quilt turned out as a wonderful artwork. It really worked out well.

  14. Okay, that's it, I am shamed that I have never made myself make my girls and friends do something like this, even though all of us sew and iron, own machines and scissors and at the very least at least half of us have fabric enough to blanket a small town! I even have a book about strip quilting. So Bet and I have been inspired. We will be doing this! We will do this in January! So now I need to know, how many ladies exactly did you have working on this, I count seven. And how many hours, when did you start and when did everyone finish?

  15. Wow! I know nothing about quilting. I'd have to iron seams--LOL! That quilt is so very pretty. There's nothing like a handmade quilt. I have seen lots and touched many, but have never actually owned one. What fun you all had. You women are inspirational!! :)

  16. I need to do the same.....I just wish I had relative help.......or maybe on second thought....NOT!

  17. What a fun and great thing to do! Someone will be very lucky to receive that quilt.

  18. Love the idea. What fun just pulling out three different strip and going with it! I quilt on Tuesday at our church. I don't do much sewing at home anymore.

  19. I went to a few quilting bees with my grandma but then she said she heard more gossip if I wasn't
    Sounds like a great day though.

  20. Awesome quilt! I think what you are doing is just fabulous.

  21. Looks like FUN! You girls do great work and are so generous!

  22. I'm going to forward this link to one of my dear friends.... because she loves to quilt. she'll love this.


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