Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Wistful Wednesday: Deer Hunting 1955

During November 1955 Far Guys Dad and Uncle were hunting near Northome Minnesota. 

Far Guy does not remember the hunting story.  It must have been a cooperative effort between brothers.

Marvin nice deer

This is Far Guys Dad, Marvin with the deer.  The photo is labeled on the back.  Marvin nice deer.

Jim and a nice deer

This photo is marked. Jim and a nice deer. ( The little dog must be Tiny..he was a a Chihuahua.)


This sign hangs at the bottom of the mount.  It says:

Taken by James and Marvin Henderson Near Northome Minn Nov 1955.

I do know that the deer hung in the stairway that went upstairs at Far Guys House. When Trica and Jennifer were little they couldn’t figure out where the rest of it was. Some nights they would not go upstairs to sleep because the scary old deer was looking at them.  They would would sit on the steps and bawl.  When they got older we would encourage them to run up the stairs real fast and not look at the deer.  Some days they were very brave and wanted to be picked up and held on the stair rail to pet the scary deer.

Somehow we inherited the deer.  It hung in the family room in the house in Harwood North Dakota.  Nowadays it hangs upstairs on the wall above the bathroom door.

Deer Upstairs

Some days I think it has a smirk.  We dust it off every once in awhile with the vacuum cleaner.  It looks really good for it’s age.

Cousin Bonnie gave the old photos to Far Guy last summer:)

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  1. I don't know how I would do with an animal head to look at, either, so I can commiserate with your kids. Oh, and BTW I haven't given up coffee yet. That will be a last step, but years ago I stopped all caffeine and it didn't seem to matter with my cholesterol numbers. I am entirely too fond of my morning latte.

  2. Awesome photos ,looks like it was a great catch and it does look like its got a smirk lol Great post . Have a wonderful day !

  3. Funny story. Poor little kids, scared to death. Its funny how those trophy mounts are passed from generation to generation. Before the endangered days, my brother had a stuffed horned owl in his room. Now that's weird.

  4. I like the old pics, I realy like the story about the girls, too funny!

  5. It is strange the things we inherit...don't think about it much until it's time...

  6. I'm so glad I have no deer heads to inherit. Whew! ;)

  7. Love your new header. I really don't know what I would do with inherited deer heads. I don't have to worry. My FIL never mounted his.

    I do love the old photos too. So nice to be able to share a tiny piece of their lives.

  8. Oh! how my Bennie misses deer hunting.

  9. "It looks good for it's age", girl...your funny! :o)

    I love the fact that your girls tried to figure out where the rest if it was. Heeehehehee!

    God bless and have a 'fun' day my friend.

  10. It is good to know the history behind something you now dust off occasionally.

    My first husband was a hunter. Thankfully, he never wanted to mount the head of one of them to hang on the wall. I can appreciate such trophies for others, but I don't think I could accommodate one on my walls.

  11. I can relate to the kids. I don't like heads on my wall either. The family was big on hunting though and my grandparents and other family members have/had them on their walls. Great story and yes he I believe he does have a smirk.

  12. Now that had to of been an awesome hunt. Very nice rack. I can't wait for the day I might have one on the wall. Hint: to the men in my family.

  13. Nice looking buck. I do have some good bow hunting stories. I net effect of which is.... I missed some nice ones. :)

  14. Sometimes I wish Dirt had been more of a hunter. I always envisioned that my house would be very rustic with all sorts of animals on the walls. We have a few sheep skins but thats about it.

  15. One of my former art students became a famous taxidermist and won national awards. I didn't teach that in class of course but he did have a good artistic eye and he is good at preserving these things.


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