Friday, May 26, 2023

The House

 The reurbishing guys finished up on Monday.  Far Guy was away from home for 7 days and I was away for for 4 days.  Originally he said it would take three days and he would have the house completely done.  The house has half log siding.

They covered all the windows and doors...when I was here by myself I missed looking outside! 

Here is the house after the sandblasting...he used some special kind of glass to sand blast with...the workers wore respirators almost all the time. 

Then they applied a couple of coats of stain and then some sealer. 

Finally last Monday they removed the coverings from the windows.  We have one security camera outside and one  we could tell what was going on.  

Here it is completed.  Are we happy...not so much.  I have several messes to clean up...and the little roof that extends over the air conditioner was left unfinished and was not replaced back properly.  They removed that structure to work on the house.

You can see the posts are wonky.   For some reason they painted the furnace vent green...who knows why?   They removed the Ferris Wheel seat out front and dug up the dirt...not sure why they did that either...they also have stain splatter on my natural color Cedar deck out back. 

So I have to sand and stain the posts...bums anyway...and pick up the garbage they left laying around...mostly cigarette butts. 

The kicker was the second day they were here I did not lock the door and they came inside to use the do I know this?  There was wood dust on the floor...the door stop to the bathroom was moved and the security system motion detector showed me exactly when they were inside the house for four can bet I locked the door and set the alarm after that.  Yes it was my fault...but bears shit in the woods and so could they. 

Would I recommend this company to anyone?  Nope. 

On the bright side if there is one, he guarantees his work for ten years...I hope it lasts that long as I would just as soon never see that little prick again. 

Far Side


Val Ewing said...

Ahhh. I had the same feelings regarding the workers that put up our gutters. I hate it when workers leave a mess.

Seems any more that you have to be the supervisor.

The house looks great otherwise! That is one solid house. What a nice place you have!

Sandi said...

That's a lot of work!

aurora said...

They went inside your house?! Jawdrop. I would call that trespassing. Locked or not.

We had random areas left undone when we had our outdoor wooden beams redone last year. Stain was splashed on stone caps etc, where they didn't bother to cover. The crew chief came back to stain & clean up.

We withheld payment until they finished the job right.

Sara said...

it's so frustrating when you pay a contractor a lot of money and they don't do a good job. Leaving a mess behind, and entering your house is so unacceptable!

We hired a guy to remodel a bathroom many years ago. He was a friend of my husband. Not even 2 years later we had to remodel again - and this time it required replacing a wall and subfloor because he didn't hook up the plumbing properly. Our neighbors hired him to do kitchen counter tops and he cut a big slice in it near the sink. Thought the people wouldn't be bothered by it. Guess again!

DJan said...

Wow, that is shoddy work all right. But it does look a lot brighter now.

Betsy said...

The house looks great though. It sounds like that's about the only good thing you can say about the whole experience. That's all so unprofessional of them. Especially using the bathroom and the cigarette butts.
I'm glad to know that it's all done for you and you shouldn't have to use them again.
Take care. Blessings and hugs,

Jenn Jilks said...

That must have been a shock, them coming indoors!
It looks pretty good, to me. Sorry you aren't pleased with it. It is so difficult to get good workers.

Maebeme said...

Oh my, what a nuisance. I'd likely be calling them back to clean up their mess, and to complete the a/c unit posts. But as you've said, you don't want to see him again, so I can understand the decision to do it yourself.

I certainly would be looking to post a review on his (or another website) outlining the issues you had experienced. Do you have Better Business Bureau?

Terry and Linda said...

We hired some cement workers a spell ago and they were a mess. Left their fast-food BUCKETS and trash every day scattered here and there. Didn't score the cement so it cracked, and the list goes on and on.

We never had them again.

For the next big cement project some men from Mexico came (they worked for a very good company) They cooked their food every day (even offered us some-which we politely declined) cleaned everything up EVERY DAY and scored the cement. We recommend them to everyone.

Sandra said...

The house looks good. The rest, it seems often it's par for the course. We had 2 bathrooms done in '18. It was a nightmare, so I really do feel your pain. said...

It looks really nice but they did leave some messes and unfinished areas. Going in your house? Most workman go to the nearest gas station. I too am curious as to why they dug up under the ferris wheel? Were they burying something? And, yes...the posts are wonky. Sorry you couldn't really enjoy having the work done....and on top of that you have to pay them! LOL!

Rita said...

So very frustrating to have the shoddy workmanship but the entering your home while you were gone!! That really takes the cake! At least it looks good--from here anyways--lol! So sorry they were such a disappointment.

Victoria Zigler said...

Glad it's done. Hope it does last for ten years like it should. And sorry they left you with mess to clean up.

Linda Reeder said...

Sorry it didn't go well.

Granny Marigold said...

Your house looks great. Too bad about the disappointing parts though.

diane in northern wis said... sorry to hear it turned out that way. Did somebody recommend them to you? If so, be sure to let them know how it ended up for you.

L. D. said...

Our mover boys were so wonderful but one of them just had to use our bathroom seriously. The shingling people were not so great to be around. I felt like they were throwing shingle bundles intentionally harder than necessary. Our sun room guy became a good friend. I really admire your home and they did make it look new again. It will be interesting to see the color fade or if it will.

Galla Creek said...

Color looks lots darker.

Miss Merry said...

I have been blessed with a husband who can do just about anything - and does! I am so uncomfortable with people in my house, even carpet installers. We are at the point where it is getting to be too much for him and I am dreading having "people". I am sorry you had a rotten experience.